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Lavery, de Billy

Lavery, de Billy  

Legal Services | Quebec, Canada

tel: +1 514 871 1522 | fax: +1 514 871 8977
1 Place Ville Marie | Montreal | Quebec | H3B 4M4 | Canada

Lavery, de Billy's Overview

Lavery is a major full-service law firm of more than 200 lawyers and the leading independent law firm in Quebec. The firm provides a comprehensive range of legal services to regional, national and multinational corporations; financial institutions; and government departments, agencies, and Crown corporations. It also has an extensive practice in advising other Canadian and foreign law firms on matters of Quebec law.

Lavery has developed strong ties with law firms and other professional firms across Canada, the United States and worldwide, thereby enabling us to assist our clients to develop opportunities outside Quebec. The firm is a member of the World Services Group, a global non-profit association with membership by invitation only, consisting of large local, national and international professional services providers in over 115 countries.


  • Year this Office was Established: 1913
  • Number of Offices Worldwide: 4
  • Lawyers Worldwide: 200

Areas of Practice
  • Aboriginal Law
  • Aviation Law
  • Business Immigration
  • Class Actions
  • Commercial Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Competition and Antitrust Law
  • Construction
  • Corporate and Business Integrity
  • Corporate Governance
  • Criminal Law and Penal Law
  • Debt Financing and Banking
  • Distribution of Financial Products and Services
  • Education Law
  • Energy and Natural Resources and the Plan Nord
  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Family Law, Personal Law and Estate Law
  • Financing and Financial Services
  • Franchising and Distribution
  • Government affairs and public law litigation
  • Health Law
  • Information, Privacy and Defamation
  • Infrastructure
  • Insurance
  • Labour and Employment
  • Land Use Planning and Development
  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Mining Law
  • Municipal Affairs
  • Pension and Benefits
  • Private equity, venture capital and investment management
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Protection and Transmission of Estates and Assets
  • Real Estate Law
  • Securities Law
  • Special Risk Insurance
  • Tax Litigation
  • Taxation
  • Technology, Entertainment and Intellectual Property
  • Transportation and Infrastructure


Guy Lavoie

Guy LavoiePartner

Guy Lemay

Guy LemayPartner

Ian Rose

Ian RosePartner

Linguistic Services

Marie-Ève Gauthier

Marie-Ève GauthierServices linguistiques

Stefan Gillian

Stefan GillianLinguistic services

Denise Houde

Denise HoudeAvocate and Services linguistiques

Lydia Jean

Lydia JeanServices linguistiques

Jean-François Lauzon

Jean-François LauzonLinguistic services

Joanne Martin

Joanne MartinServices linguistiques

Nis Moller

Nis MollerLawyer and Linguistic services

Jean-Pierre Nadeau

Jean-Pierre NadeauLinguistic services

Pascale Noury

Pascale NouryServices linguistiques

Sofie Peers

Sofie PeersServices linguistiques

Mélanie Proschek

Mélanie ProschekServices linguistiques

Legal Counsel


Mélanie Althot

Mélanie AlthotParajuriste

Tina Basile

Tina BasileÉtudiante

Lory Beauregard

Lory BeauregardÉtudiante

Dolaine Béland

Dolaine BélandParajuriste

Christiane Berard

Christiane BerardExecutive Director

Olivier Bouvier-Johnston

Olivier Bouvier-JohnstonArticling student

Shereen Cook

Shereen CookÉtudiante

Lyna Dahmani

Lyna DahmaniÉtudiante

Kathy Dallaire

Kathy DallaireParajuriste

Johanne Dulude

Johanne DuludeParajuriste

Line Grandmaison

Line GrandmaisonParajuriste

Annie Groleau

Annie GroleauParajuriste

Sonia Guérin

Sonia GuérinParajuriste

Nadia Hanine

Nadia HanineStagiaire

Shan Jiang

Shan JiangÉtudiante

Yédam Kim

Yédam KimStudent

Micheline Lamer

Micheline LamerParajuriste

Naomi Lauture

Naomi LautureÉtudiante

Laura May Miles

Laura May MilesÉtudiante

François Nolet-Lévesque

François Nolet-LévesqueArticling student

Isabelle Normand

Isabelle NormandParajuriste

Sylvie Parent

Sylvie ParentParajuriste

Cloé Potvin

Cloé PotvinStagiaire

Zila Savary

Zila SavaryStagiaire

Sanda Tureanu

Sanda TureanuParajuriste

Carolle Vaudry

Carolle VaudryParajuriste

Yaoqi Wang

Yaoqi WangÉtudiante

Nancy Zagbayou

Nancy ZagbayouÉtudiante

Patricia Isaac

Patricia IsaacEditor-translator


Roaming Fees: A Long and Winding Road
Lavery, de Billy, September 2016

On August 10, 2016, the Québec Court of Appeal authorized a class action pertaining to international roaming fees, thus reiterating, with renewed respect for the opposing view, that meeting the authorization threshold and the criteria respecting the representative's interest is fairly easy under Quebec law...

Health-Care Institutions: What is Your Responsibility When You Are Faced With a Harassing and Disruptive Visitor?
Lavery, de Billy, September 2016

Last June 16, the Superior Court of Québec1 rendered a safeguard order in an injunction proceeding in favour of a health-care institution the purpose of which was to set conditions for the visits of the daughter of a user of the institution who was an incapable person lodged there, as well as her interactions with the user and the staff. In this case, the daughter was in profound disagreement with all of the decisions made by the persons with power of attorney over the person and property of the user, namely, her two other children, regarding the choice of her place of lodging and the care that was to be provided to her...

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Raphael Schachter, Master of Ceremonies at the Annual Conference on Human Rights Organized by the Lord Reading Law Society
Lavery, de Billy, August 2016

On 25 May 2016, Raphael Schachter, partner at Lavery and former president of the Lord Reading Law Society, had the honour to serve as the master of ceremonies of the Annual Human Rights Dinner organized by the Lord Reading Law Society. With over 600 attendees from the field of law and politics as well as important dignitaries, the dinner-meeting was an opportunity to pay tribute to the Honourable Irwin Cotler, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, former MP for Mount Royal and spokesman of the Liberal Party of Canada in human rights, freedom and international justice. Several leaders of the legal community delivered a heartfelt tribute to Mr. Cotler, including Ms...

Lavery, de Billy, March 2016

Montréal, le 10 mars 2016 — Pour la quatrième édition consécutive, Lavery est classé premier cabinet d’avocats régional du Québec par Canadian Lawyer. Cette reconnaissance, également obtenue en 2010, 2012 et 2014, découle d’un sondage réalisé par ce magazine pour déterminer le positionnement des principaux cabinets d’avocats. Le sondage a été mené partout au pays auprès d’avocats, de conseillers juridiques en entreprises et de clients, en tenant compte de la couverture du cabinet, de la liste des clients, des mandats d’importance, de l'excellence du service ainsi que de l'expertise juridique...

All press submitted by Lavery, de Billy

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