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Hillman Hu



Hillman Hu

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Mr. Hu, with business experiences in mulitinational company, experts at exactly grasping the commercial objectives of his clients and achieving such targets by viable, economic and lawful ways. Such abilities have also been proved and improved by his 12 years' legal services to foreign-invested enterprises as their perennial legal counsels.

Mr. Hu has strong capabilities in conducting due diligence investigations, identifying and preventing legal risks, and is able to assist clients in managing legal risks in a thorough and efficient manner. The due diligence and legal risk assessment reports served by Mr. Hu has accepted by Calyon Bank (Hong Kong), JP Morgan Asia Consulting (Beijing), GE Capital, and local asset management companies, and avoid their losses of huge amount. Over the past decade the clients appointing Mr. Hu as their perennial legal counsels have never suffered heavy losses caused by Mr. Hu's legal services. Mr. Hu has also served Avon Auto (USA), Cadillac Rubber And Plastics Inc. (USA), PR Polymers (Australia), Yangzi-Eastman Chemical and dozens of overseas and local companies through drafting or reviewing contracts, and assisting them in avoiding legal risks of great quantities.

Mr. Hu has served full services for establishing of a few foreign-invested enterprises whilst protecting the legal interests of the investors and assisting in the stable running of such enterprises.

When providing legal service for an M & A deal, Mr. Hu, through well designed and considerate contracts, resolved the conflict between the parties concerned, assisted in concluding the deal and well protected the legal interests of his client.

Mr. Hu has represented numerous clients in commercial litigation before the Chinese courts and in arbitration before the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission. Mr. Hu has successfully dealt with dozens of difficult debt-collection cases.

Mr. Hu focuses on the following practice areas in mainland China:
Foreign direct investment (FDI) - legal advices on investment policies, establishment of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs), Mergers & Acquisitions, ongoing legal advices to FIEs
Corporate - legal advisory services, corporate governance, legal risk management services (legal due diligence, drafting and reviewing contracts, developing risk management strategies, analyzing risks and troubleshooting for corporations)
Litigation and Arbitration - legal representation in litigation and arbitration proceedings, compulsory enforcement of legal judgments and awards, debt collection
International trade - import and export contracts, trade remedies, customs IP protection, foreign and domestic debt collection
Merger &Acquisition and Reorganization - Stock & Asset Acquisitions, Strategic Investments
Finance - legal due diligence, legal advice on Non-performing Loan (NPL) transactions, NPL debt collection


Languages: Chinese and English
Joined the Law Firm in: 2001


Areas of Practice


  • Contract
  • Corporate
  • Finance
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • International trade
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Merger &Acquisition and Reorganization


Professional Career


Significant Accomplishments

Mr. Hu has served the following clients:
Calyon Hong Kong Branch
JP Morgan Asia Consulting (Beijing) Limited
GE Capital Finance (China) Co., Ltd
Avon Automotive Holdings, Inc. (USA)
PR Polymers Pty Limited (Australia)
Cadillac Rubber And Plastics Inc. (USA)
Nanjing Yangzi Eastman Chemical Ltd
Teksid (China) Representative Office
A.O.Smith (China) Water Heater Co., Ltd.
Aeroflex Microelectronics (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
Nanjing TCC Chemical Co., Ltd
Nanjing Rising Chemical Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Ruixin Pawn Co., Limited
China Huarong Asset Management Corporation Nanjing Office
China Oriental Asset Management Corporation Nanjing Office


Comments on the super and secondary national treatments to foreign investors in China
Legal problems to foreign investors dealing NPL businesses in China


1. Legal approaches to M & A deals in China
2. Foreign-related laws in China

Professional Activities and Experience

Prior to working in legal practice, Mr. Hu served as Import & Export supervisor in a BASF-Sinopec joint venture, and then served as legal manager in a Chinese office of an Italian Company.

Bar Admission

Chinese Bar



Master of Laws Degree from Nanjing University
B. A. of English literature from Lanzhou University
Further studying laws in The University of Hong Kong