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Webster is a leading law firm with principal offices in Anguilla, British West Indies, and Nevis, West Indies; and a representative office in Miami, Florida.

Webster represents a diverse group of local and international clientele, including corporate, private and governmental. Our lawyers are well-known for their expertise in handling financial transactions locally and overseas. Commentators in the market describe our firm as "focused on off-shore financial transactions ... the firm that does the most of this type of work in Anguilla".

Webster has been, and continues to be, instrumental in the preparation of financial and commercial legislation in Anguilla. The Firm also acted as a catalyst to the liberalization of the telecommunications industry in Anguilla, thereby paving the way to competition.

The firm is a key member of the Anguilla Financial Services Association, the private sector body responsible for shaping the jurisdiction's financial services industry


  • Year this Office was Established: 1987
  • Number of Offices Worldwide: 3
  • Lawyers Worldwide: 5

Languages: English, Spanish, French

  • Banking
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Constitutional Law
  • Copyright
  • Corporate and Business
  • Corporate Litigation
  • E-Commerce
  • Estate and Trust
  • Estate Planning
  • Finance
  • Financial Litigation
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Services
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  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Litigation
  • Offshore Trust Accounts
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