Power up Your WSG Membership

WSG works diligently to continually deliver upgraded advancements and resources to members, and as a result, WSG recently launched a new and improved ‘My WSG’ page. With this recent reveal, WSG mobilizes member professionals to “power up your WSG membership”.


Being 21,000 professionals strong, this upgraded ‘My WSG’ page expertly positions member professionals to engage, connect and collaborate with professionals across the network and the world. A benefit of the WSG network is having these unique member profiles, allowing members and clients alike to identify strong professionals in the industry. It has never been easier for you to enhance your professional identity online and build relationships with members and groups. Upon logging into the WSG website, you will find invaluable resources, various groups and relevant news on one single ‘My WSG’ page.  We encourage you to take a look, refresh, and reconnect with your profile to power up your WSG membership.


How can you best power up your existing My WSG profile? This involves updating or adding your practice categories, joining a practice group to further network across your expertise, or starting a private group to enhance communications with particular professionals. Additionally with the updated ‘My WSG’ page, members are able to discover and share news and insights on topics that are the most important to you and your firm. Easily access and publish your collaborations, news, articles, blogs and upcoming events in one place.


Through WSG’s launch of the new and improved ‘My WSG’ page, it has never been easier for professionals to gain the most of their membership and maximize on WSG’s premium network.  

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