Ideas and initiatives for the Practice Group

Fellow Practice Group members, 

I am very glad of making the first entry of the group’s blog, in which I sincerely welcome you again to WSG’s new International Trade and Investment Practice Group (Latam). This Group was created to exchange opinions, relevant news and comments in the field of international trade and investment, as well as a forum to build professional rapports, especially in Latin America.

The constant changes on the rules governing trade and cross-border investments pose major challenges to companies and consultants around the world. These changes must be assessed from an interdisciplinary approach that adapts to different trends and markets and that encourages the exchange of experiences and knowledge. This goal may be better achieved through a solid and efficient network to build knowledge, share experiences, and generate business among the firms, with the multidisciplinary approach of WSG; these are the main objectives of this Practice Group.

We have the following ideas and activities for the group:

  •      On-line discussion of relevant topics and news: Members are encouraged to share news and exchange opinions through the online interface, mainly through this blog tool. Actually, I will soon start a separate blog discussion on a specific trade issue.
  •      Conference calls and webinars: We may organize conference calls to discuss the group’s initiatives and activities, and webinars to develop continuing education sessions.
  •      Joint publications: Further down the road, we may organize joint publications by the different firms on relevant topics (guides, articles, year in review, etc.).
  •      Meetings: Soon, we should be able to meet at least every year or every two years, in order to strengthen our ties and discuss relevant topics.
  •      Use of free advice policy: Learn and correctly use WSG’s free advice policy, to access free advice on specific matters from other WSG members.

Please share your ideas through comments to this blog entry, so we can all jointly build the group’s plan for the forthcoming years.