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Abdullah Kh. Al-Ayoub

Founder and Managing Partner


Safat, Kuwait


Established in 1982, Abdullah Kh. Al-Ayoub & Associates is a modern law firm with traditional values, practicing in a wide range of disciplines. The firm is an association of lawyers from various international backgrounds specializing in Middle Eastern laws. The firm is ideally placed to understand the needs of foreign companies, individuals and other entities as they do business in the Middle East. The firm is currently one of the largest law firms in Kuwait and one of the few that have an established reputation in the international field.

Throughout its 20-year history, the firm has been involved regularly in high profile and highly complex transactions, litigation and arbitration involving multinational corporations, financial institutions, agencies and private clients based in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Through years of dedication and excellent performance, the firm has emerged as one of the leading law firms in Kuwait and the Middle East.


The clients of Abdullah Kh. Al-Ayoub & Associates are among the world�s most prestigious corporations resident in North America, Europe and Asia. The firm also provides legal services as an expert on Middle Eastern laws to numerous US and English law firms in transactional matters, arbitration and litigation. A detailed list of clients may be obtained upon request.

Areas of Practice:

The firm offers expertise in all major areas of commercial law, including corporate law, international business transactions, oil and gas, international trade, maritime law, intellectual property, taxation, labour law, insurance law, banking and finance, litigation and commercial arbitration.

Keeping in line with international trends in business and finance, particularly those in the Middle East, the firm seeks to expand its activities in areas of Islamic law, banking and finance. The firm intends to establish a law house for this purpose in the near future. The main office of the law house will be situated in Kuwait, within the offices of Abdullah Kh. Al-Ayoub and Associates. The law house will also have an affiliate office in Tehran, Iran as well as a contact address in U.K. The law house proposes to advise foreign companies and foreign financial and investment institutions and banks on all aspects of Islamic law and finance.

Year this Office was Established: 1982
Lawyers Worldwide: 9
Languages: Arabic, English


Areas of Practice



Abdullah Kh. Al-Ayoub

Abdullah Kh. Al-Ayoub

Founder and Managing Partner