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Founded in 1934 and with over 80 years of experience, Brigard Urrutia is recognised as a leading law firm in Colombia and one of the most prestigious in Latin America.

The firm is committed to its clients and seeks to provide them with comprehensive and expert advice. It has a proven track record as a supplier of first-rate legal services to a global clientele formed by industrial, commercial and service companies, banks and other financial institutions, private equity funds, insurance companies, as well as national and foreign government agencies and companies.

It has a multidisciplinary team of over 150 specialised attorneys in various practice areas of business law, who follow the most rigorous ethical principles and the highest standards of professional excellence. All of its partners and associates are fluent in at least one language other than Spanish, and many of them are admitted to practice in foreign jurisdictions (most notably in the state of New York).

The firm's lawyers are graduates from Colombia's top universities and many have completed postgraduate programs in law schools located in the US and Europe. Brigard Urrutia also has a management team that is constantly innovating through solutions, best practices and trends to attain optimal customer experience levels.

Year this Office was Established: 1934
Lawyers Worldwide: 181


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Senior Associate/Associate

Viviana  Araujo Angulo

Viviana Araujo Angulo

Senior Associate/Associate
Juana Valentina Micán

Juana Valentina Micán

Senior Associate/Associate
Juan Sebastian Panesso

Juan Sebastian Panesso

Senior Associate/Associate
Andres Felipe Parra Serrano

Andres Felipe Parra Serrano

Senior Associate/Associate
Laura  Ricardo

Laura Ricardo

Catalina  Riveros Manrique

Catalina Riveros Manrique

Senior Associate/Associate
Maria Fernanda  Rubio

Maria Fernanda Rubio

Senior Associate/Associate
Maria Fernanda  Sanchez

Maria Fernanda Sanchez

Senior Associate


Carlos  Fradique-Mendez

Carlos Fradique-Mendez

Managing Partner
Daniela  Jerez

Daniela Jerez

Senior Business Development Analyst


Knowledge of Non-Compliance: Ordinary Insurance Prescription

Through the sentence 67240 OF MARCH 1, 2023, the Third Section of the Council of State (hereinafter, the " CE ") resolved an appeal filed by a public entity against the first instance ruling handed down by the Administrative Court of Arauca, which acquitted an insurer of payment of the indemnity derived from compliance insurance, considering that the actions derived from the insurance contract against the insured entity had prescribed. In its considerations, the EC supported the reasons set forth by the court of first instance and resolved to confirm the contested decision. This decision was accompanied by the following considerations: 1 ...

Shipping Companies Could be Subject to Surveillance by Super Transport

The recently published project of the National Development Plan (“PND”) 2022-2026 “Colombia World Power of Life” embodies the objectives, goals and priorities of the National Government for the next four years.  In the PND, the National Government introduces rules or regulations that would make it easier to achieve the objectives pursued. Among the norms proposed in the PND, article 204 stands out by means of which new subjects of inspection, surveillance and control of the Superintendency of Transport (“Super Transport”) are established: “ARTICLE 204...

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Carlos Fradique-Mendez new Managing Partner at Brigard Urrutia

Brigard Urrutia's senior partner was unanimously elected as the firm's managing partner as of April 2023. Carlos is a recognized expert in financial law and has led the development of complex structures and financial instruments in matters such as project and infrastructure finance, capital markets, PE/VC funds, asset management and financial derivatives, as well as in the successful resolution of complex disputes in the local and international market, among others. Carlos served as Chief Legal Officer of the Ministry of Finance/Treasury Department of Colombia as member of the Disciplinary Court of the AMV and as Director of several leading financial institutions...

Brigard Urrutia's Innovation System Wins Seal of Good Practices in Innovation Awarded by the CCB and Icontec

EUREKA, Brigard Urrutia's innovation system, has been awarded with the Seal of Good Practices in Innovation by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and Icontec. This recognition is the result of the work of the team within the firm that is part of Eureka and a correct implementation of the culture of innovation, as it allows the firm to be at the forefront of best practices while strengthening the services offered to clients and the community. Eureka is an innovation management system that was born from the need to open spaces for the constant generation of ideas. This system was created to strengthen the firm's value proposition, reinforce team leadership and enhance competitive advantages...

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