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Buchalter is a full-service business law firm that has been teaming with clients for eight decades, providing legal counsel at all stages of their growth and evolution, and helping them meet the many legal challenges and decisions they face. Our clients are engaged in a diverse global economy governed by complex laws and regulations, and they trust us as advisers and business partners because we are involved in their world. They rely on our forward-thinking to help them resolve problems before they arise.

At Buchalter, we practice in that spirit.

Our founding principle-providing our clients with the best business solutions-continues to lead us. We value each client relationship, recognizing that their success is our success. Our overarching goal-getting the best results for the client in a timely manner with sensitivity to cost-has engendered client loyalty, and the firm has grown from that loyalty.

Our lawyers are accessible, resourceful, skillful and adept at responding to change. Our technological capabilities keep case law and rule changes at our fingertips and client communications current, enabling us to create efficient, superior outcomes.

We strongly believe that technology is a tool that furthers the practice of law and have used that belief to develop a cutting edge platform for our firm. We use a meshed (NVPN) network to facilitate work among offices, Cisco VoIP telephony and Video-over-IP conferencing. Sharing documents is seamless through FileSite, which is also utilized to create our Client Extranets. To support our litigation matters, we use Concordance and Opticon, as well as LiveNote and Sanction. Unlike many firms, we have the capacity to process e-Discovery in-house, reducing client costs.

Buchalter lawyers are also active members of the communities in which they live and work. Leadership is a value the founding partners practiced and passed on to the current generation of attorneys. Our lawyers sit on the boards of prominent organizations, teach and lecture frequently. We actively participate in many associations and groups including the Public Law Center, San Francisco Legal Aid Society, Practicing Law Institute, California State Bar Association, the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the LACBA Domestic Violence Project, the Sojourner Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Phoenix and many others.

Buchalter is consistently ranked among the leading law firms by Chambers and Partners, Best Lawyers, The Daily Journal and the Los Angeles Business Journal. It is also ranked among the leading firms nationally by American Legal Media and the National Law Journal.

Buchalter's commitment to reflecting and enhancing the rich diversity of the clients and communities in which we practice is more than eight decades strong. The firm's diversity of attorneys and staff provides clients with a greater array of creative talent and alternative thinking, benefiting all.

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California’s Ban on PFAS in Food Packaging Takes Effect January 1, 2023

By: John Epperson and Peter McGaw A ban on the sale of nondurable food packaging in California containing PFAS chemicals goes into effect on January 1, 2023, which is now less than four months away. The ban was contained in Assembly Bill 1200, which was enacted in October 2021, along with unrelated new requirements for disclosure of chemicals in cookware. AB 1200 prohibits selling or distributing food packaging made of plant fibers, such as take-out boxes and food wrappers, if they contain PFAS that were intentionally added or are present at or above 100 ppm...

Utah Requires Commercial Lenders and Factors to Register as a Commercial Financing Provider

By: Jack Darrington, Keven Rowe, and Landon Hardcastle Under a new Utah law, most providers of commercial financing or factors which are located in Utah or who lend to a Utah resident are required to register as a commercial financing provider with the Utah Department of Financial Institutions. Additionally, certain disclosures are required before engaging in most transactions. To some extent, the law mirrors Truth in Lending type acts passed in New York and California. Utah, however, has added a registration component on top of a disclosure requirement...

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Stephen J Strauss, Quoted in Law360

What’s In A Font And Why It Matters In Copyright Fights LAW 360 “If the burger maker can establish that its logo was an independent creation as claimed, then it will be difficult for the font foundry to establish a claim for copyright infringement, Stephen J. Strauss of Buchalter Law Firm said. ‘One of the main tenets of copyright infringement is built in the name itself: You have to show that there's copying,’ Strauss said. ‘Even if there may be something that looks exactly the same way [as the font in question], there's no infringement because there's no copying, and there's no misuse of their software because there was no copying.’" To read full article, click here...

President and Chief Executive Officer Adam Bass, Featured by The Los Angeles Business Journal

Buchalter's President and Chief Executive Officer Adam Bass was featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal "Wealthiest Angelenos Edition." Upsets & Openings By: Steve Crighton "Adam J. Bass, chairman of the Family Office and Wealth Management practice at the downtown-based law firm Buchalter, said clients are acknowledging the disruptions in the market, but it’s mostly out of interest in opportunities created by the reshuffle. 'Inflation is definitely an issue, but there’s more hitting us than just that...

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