Garrigues is an international legal and tax services firm that provides business law advice in the main economic arenas of the global marketplace. Since its creation in 1941, the firm has been noted for its international outlook and innovative nature.

Our team is made up of two thousand people of twenty-four different nationalities who, under a single integrated management team and with the same quality standards, operate in thirteen countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, through a well-established office and team structure. Additionally, Garrigues has international desks representing Asia-Pacific, France, Germany, India, Italy and the US.

All Garrigues professionals share the same hallmarks: empathy with the client, ongoing dedication to understanding client needs and strict compliance with ethical standards. These qualities, together with their broad experience, training and availability, make us one of the most prestigious and professional law firms in the industry.

Garrigues is one of the largest international law firms and is among the top law firms worldwide.

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Elisabet  Adé Céspedes

Elisabet Adé Céspedes

Principal associate
Magda  Agustí Morell

Magda Agustí Morell

Senior associate
Elena  Artigas Grau

Elena Artigas Grau

Principal associate
Xavier  Asensio Andreu

Xavier Asensio Andreu

Principal associate
Clara  Blanc López

Clara Blanc López

Principal associate
Belén  Buisán Lachén

Belén Buisán Lachén

Senior associate
Carla  Daniels Vicente

Carla Daniels Vicente

Principal associate
Juan  Elizalde Trisan

Juan Elizalde Trisan

Senior associate
Albert  Ferrer Junyent

Albert Ferrer Junyent

Senior associate
David  Gallego Berdah

David Gallego Berdah

Principal associate
Miguel  Hernández Ruiz

Miguel Hernández Ruiz

Principal associate
Adriana  Katz

Adriana Katz

Senior associate
Henar  López De Jaime

Henar López De Jaime

Senior associate
Sandra  López Fernández

Sandra López Fernández

Senior associate
Sara  Luján Luján

Sara Luján Luján

Principal associate
Meritxell  Maeso

Meritxell Maeso

Senior associate
Laia  Martínez Moreno

Laia Martínez Moreno

Senior associate
Luis Carlos del  Moral Teruel

Luis Carlos del Moral Teruel

Principal associate
Roberto  Muñoz Luna

Roberto Muñoz Luna

Principal associate
María  Muñoz Muñoz

María Muñoz Muñoz

Principal associate
Carolina  Ortega Ramírez

Carolina Ortega Ramírez

Principal associate
Álvaro  Pérez Carmona

Álvaro Pérez Carmona

Principal associate
Mónica  Rendé Pérez

Mónica Rendé Pérez

Senior associate
Álvaro  Rifá Brun

Álvaro Rifá Brun

Principal associate
Andrea  Ruizdelgado Mochales

Andrea Ruizdelgado Mochales

Principal associate
Alba  Santos Cutando

Alba Santos Cutando

Senior associate
Susana  Suárez Romero

Susana Suárez Romero

Senior associate
David  Vázquez Maymir

David Vázquez Maymir

Senior associate
Maria  Zelich Prohias

Maria Zelich Prohias

Senior associate


COVID-19: Payments on Account and Depreciations for a Longer Period than the Maximum Period Established for Tax Purposes

In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, new measures were approved to enable companies to increase their cash flows. Payments on account (FY2021) Taxpayers who are cooperatives or have obtained in the 2020 fiscal period a turnover up to the maximum limit set for their classification as medium-sized enterprises (i.e. EUR 50 million) are now allowed not to make the first and second payments on account when they verify that they will not obtain any taxable profits or the payment already made is enough to cover the estimated amount...

The Economy in the Post-COVID-19 Era: A Legal Perspective on the Accelerated Digital Transformation

  We analyze, from all areas of business law, the main digital and technological challenges that will face companies after the pandemic, and offer possible answers and legal solutions. The health crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 has forced the majority of companies and organizations, of all sizes and across all industries, to accelerate -or implement in a very short period, where they were not already in operation - processes for the digital transformation of their ways of operating to allow them to continue with their activities as far as possible in the emergency situation, and to adapt to a change of habits among the public in general, and consumers in particular...

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Garrigues hires two new partners in Mexico

Lawyers Gerardo Lemus and Santiago Chacón have joined Garrigues’ Mexico office as partners to further consolidate the commercial and tax law practices. Gerardo Lemus, with over twenty-four years’ experience, joins Garrigues’ corporate/commercial law practice in Mexico from law firm Kuri Breña, Sánchez Ugarte y Aznar, S.C. An expert in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, international finance, real estate law and telecommunications law, he is also well versed in economic competition matters. Gerardo has broad expertise in major acquisitions of shares and assets involving local and foreign companies, including private equity investment funds...

Chambers Rewards Garrigues for its Client Service

Garrigues picked up the Client Service Award at the Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence 2013 ceremony held on Thursday night at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, attended by representatives from a host of European law firms. This is the third consecutive occasion that Garrigues has received this ultimate recognition from clients. The award takes its place among the honors collected by Garrigues in recent months, in the wake of the Client Trust Award handed out by the journal Iberian Lawyer at the Premios Oro España award ceremony, and the 2013 Client Choice Award for Firm of the Year in Spain from the legal review International Law Office...

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