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Heuking Kuhn Luer Wojtek is a name synonymous with competence. They are one of the major commercial law firms in Germany. More than 400 specialized lawyers and tax advisers represent the interests of national and international clients. Their client list includes medium-sized and large German and international companies in all areas of the manufacturing industry, as well as trade and service industries, associations, government and public-sector organizations, and individual clients.

The firm has eight offices across Germany, as well as an office in Zurich. In addition, they work closely with partner firms in all of the key global markets.

Their legal counseling is based on substantial legal competence, excellent education and continuing legal training, extensive specialization and a comprehensive knowledge of specific industry sectors. Experienced Partners and carefully selected Associate Lawyers develop innovative solutions to complex legal problems. The firm's culture values entrepreneurial thinking on behalf of their clients, efficient and cost-effective work, and strong personal dedication. At the end of the day, their Clients' success is also their own.

Cross-border and cross-sector knowledge combined with a deep understanding of business reasoning makes it possible for them to provide clients with wide-ranging support in their negotiations and business decisions. This also applies to legal advice on company structure, business risk management, negotiation and negotiation tactics, training, crisis and insolvency counseling and corporate finance matters. The early and timely legal advice they provide enables companies to function in a legally secure manner. If conflicts arise, they seek innovative resolution avenues, for example, through ADR and mediation.

Year this Office was Established: 1971
Lawyers Worldwide: 400


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Michael  Below

Michael Below

Salaried Partner
Alexander  Bork

Alexander Bork

Salaried Partner
Anna  Coenen

Anna Coenen

Salaried Partner
Marvin  Lederer

Marvin Lederer

Senior Associate
Leonard  Urban

Leonard Urban

Florian  Brombach, LL.M.

Florian Brombach, LL.M.

Salaried Partner
Rebecca  Dreps

Rebecca Dreps

Senior Associate
Sen  Gao

Sen Gao

Senior Associate
Eylem  Kaya, LL.M.

Eylem Kaya, LL.M.

Senior Associate
Joern  Matuszewski

Joern Matuszewski

Salaried Partner
Marcel  Maybaum

Marcel Maybaum

Sebastian  Muller-Pfannkuche

Sebastian Muller-Pfannkuche

Director of Human Resources & Business Development
Tobias  Plath, LL.M.

Tobias Plath, LL.M.

Salaried Partner
Markus  Rheinlaender

Markus Rheinlaender

Salaried Partner
Maren  Rinkens

Maren Rinkens

Fabian  Schmitz

Fabian Schmitz

Beatrice  Stange, LL.M.

Beatrice Stange, LL.M.

Salaried Partner
Urs Jakob  Stelten

Urs Jakob Stelten

Senior Associate
Andreas  Urban

Andreas Urban

Managing Partner


Federal Court of Justice on the Scope of the Right to Access Pursuant to Article 15(1) GDPR

Background In its ruling of June 15, 2021 (Case No. VI ZR 576/19), the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) for the first time took a comprehensive position on the scope of the right to access pursuant to Article 15(1) GDPR. Article 15 GDPR standardizes the right of access of a data subject vis-à-vis a controller. Pursuant to Article 15(1) GDPR, a data subject may ask the controller to provide information on whether he/she is processing personal data relating to him/her and, if so, to provide access to such data and further information...

Cross-State Review of Websites and Use of Cookies by German Supervisory Authorities

In the summer/autumn of 2020, the supervisory authorities of several German states examined the websites of various media companies, particularly with a view to the use of cookies and the tracking of users for advertising purposes. According to the press releases published by the supervisory authorities involved (see the press release from the State Commissioner for Data Protection of NRW), the supervisory authorities came to the conclusion that the integrated tracking methods and the cookies used often did not meet legal requirements...

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Best Deal 2021: Heuking recognized for cross border deal (Bayer and WuXi Biologics)

Heuking was honored by “The M&A Advisor” for the cross border deal between WuXi Biologics and Bayer. The team led by Dirk W. Kolvenbach, Partner at the Düsseldorf office, and Michael Pauli, Partner at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek’s Cologne office, will be presented with the award in the category of “Cross Border Deal of the Year ($100MM to $1B)” at the 13th Annual International M&A Awards in New York on September 21, 2022. The Heuking team legally advised globally operating Chinese group WuXi Biologics, among others, on the acquisition of a plant for biologics from Bayer AG. In 2021, Bayer and WuXi Biologics entered into a long-term sublease and a long-term service agreement...

Strikes at German ports – Heuking successfully represents port companies

With a team led by Dr. Andreas Walle, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek successfully represented the port companies against trade union ver.di before Hamburg Labor Court. The parties reached an agreement in the current wage dispute according to which the dockworkers are permitted to continue their two-day warning strike until Saturday morning. This will be followed by a period during which the parties to the collective agreement undertake not to engage in industrial action until August 26, 2022 while continuing good-faith negotiations. Dockworkers staged a workforce strike in all major German North Sea ports starting at 6 a.m...

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