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  1. Supreme Court hears tax case that drew calls for Justice Alito's recusal  NBC News
  2. Supreme Court case over $15,000 could cost the government trillions  USA TODAY
  3. Supreme Court to hear case that could make it harder for Congress to tax the rich  CNN
  4. The Supreme Court Takes On Yet Another Made-Up Controversy  The Atlantic
  5. Opinion | Will Trump's Supreme Court Justices Stick to Their Word?  POLITICO
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Putin Planning to Visit Saudi Arabia, UAE  Bloomberg TelevisionView Full Coverage on Google News
  1. Zelensky Defied U.S.’ Counteroffensive Plans, Now Blames West | New Report Makes Stunning Claim  Hindustan Times
  2. U.S., Ukraine counteroffensive plans marred by miscalculations, disagreement  The Washington Post
  3. Why Ukraine can't beat Russia’s 'elastic defence' | About That  CBC News
  4. On Navy Day, lessons for India from the Russia-Ukraine war  The Indian Express
  5. Ukraine's original counteroffensive plan had to be abandoned within four days — report  Yahoo News
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  1. Israel strikes in and around Gaza's second-largest city in a bloody new phase of the war  The Associated Press
  2. Israeli attacks on Southern Gaza escalate  FOX 11 Los Angeles
  3. Humanitarian crisis worsens in Gaza as Israel-Hamas fighting intensifies  CNN
  4. The Guardian view on Gaza’s devastation: don’t look away. See the bigger picture too  The Guardian
  5. Israel Presses Assault on Hamas's Last Major Gaza Bastion  The Wall Street Journal
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  1. DeSantis, Ramaswamy, Haley, Christie qualify for fourth GOP debate, RNC says  Axios
  2. GOP debate stage shrinks to four candidates  MSNBC
  3. Christie, Haley, Ramaswamy: Who qualified for next Republican debate?  USA TODAY
  4. New details on presidential debate in Tuscaloosa  WBRC
  5. 4 Republicans qualify for fourth 2024 presidential debate  CNN
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  1. House explodes in Arlington, Virginia, while police serving search warrant, officials say  ABC News
  2. Virginia home explodes after barricaded suspect fires flare gun, firearm while police attempt search  Fox News
  3. ‘My entire house is shaking': Violent explosion at Arlington home rocks neighborhood | NBC4  NBC4 Washington
  4. Eye Opener: Virginia house explodes as police try to serve search warrant  CBS News
  5. House explosion Arlington, VA: suspect fired flare gun, causing massive blast | LiveNOW from FOX  LiveNOW from FOX
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  1. Zelenskiy to appeal to US senators for more aid to help Ukraine fight Russia  The Guardian
  2. What happens if U.S. aid to Ukraine runs out?  CBS News
  3. White House warns it is ‘out of money and nearly out of time’ to aid Ukraine  The Guardian US
  4. Mr. Biden, make the case for Ukraine before it's too late  New York Post
  5. Sullivan: Votes against Ukraine funding help Putin prevail  Washington Post
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  1. College presidents face down House Republicans over antisemitism response  POLITICO
  2. Harvard, MIT, UPenn have ‘basically been the center’ of campus antisemitism, key GOP congresswoman claims ahead of hearing  The Boston Globe
  3. 3 university presidents to face grilling on campus antisemitism at House hearing  The Hill
  4. University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill to testify in front of Congress about antisemitism on college campuses  WPVI-TV
  5. University leaders testifying about antisemitism, islamophobia on Capitol Hill  CBS News
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  1. Liz Cheney Reveals 'Dangerous And Chilling' Moment She Overheard Trump's True Plan  Yahoo News
  2. Rachel joins Lawrence to discuss her Liz Cheney interview  MSNBC
  3. Battenfeld: Will Democrats accept 2024 election results if Trump wins?  Boston Herald
  4. The fear of a looming Donald Trump dictatorship  The Washington Post
  5. 'I'm not your girlfriend': Cheney blasts GOP men getting emotional over impeachment  MSNBC
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  1. Powerful atmospheric river pummels Northwest with over 8 inches of rain as rivers begin to rise  CNN
  2. Live report: Tracking flooding conditions in Snohomish County  FOX 13 Seattle
  3. Seattle Public Utilities prepares for potential urban flooding
  4. Strong atmospheric river to slam Northwest with over a half foot of rain, creating a significant flood threat  CNN
  5. Atmospheric rivers unleash rains, winter fury in Pacific Northwest as snow slams Northeast  CBS Mornings
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  1. Runaway Kangaroo punches police officer in face in Canada  NBC News
  2. Escaped kangaroo captured after punching Canadian officer  Yahoo News
  3. Kangaroo punches police officer in face after evading Canadian authorities for four days  Guardian Australia
  4. Other zoo escapes in Toronto  CTV News Toronto
  5. Escaped kangaroo punches police officer's face before capture in Canada  Fox News
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  1. Accounts of sexual violence in Hamas attack mount but justice is remote for Israel's victims  Reuters
  2. What We Know About Sexual Violence During the Oct. 7 Attacks on Israel  The New York Times
  3. 'We have to be outraged': Calling out silence over Hamas' sexual violence  MSNBC
  4. Gal Gadot blasts silence on Hamas' sexual atrocities: 'The world has failed the women of October 7th'  Fox News
  5. Daily Briefing Dec. 1: Day 60 – UN Women condemns Hamas’s brutal assaults  The Times of Israel
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  1. Nigeria’s president calls for investigation after 85 civilians killed in drone attack  CNN
  2. Dozens killed after Nigerian army drone strike hits villagers • FRANCE 24 English  FRANCE 24 English
  3. Nigerian army drone strike accident kills at least 85 civilians  The Guardian
  4. Nigerian army drone strike accident kills at least 85 civilians, army takes responsibility | WION  WION
  5. Nigeria's President Calls for Inquiry After Military Strike Kills at Least 85 Civilians  The New York Times
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  1. U.S. students' math scores plunge in global education assessment  Axios
  2. Mathematics, reading skills in unprecedented decline in teenagers  Reuters
  3. The true extent of damage to schools from Covid-19  Financial Times
  4. Math scores for U.S. students hit all-time low on international exam  The Washington Post
  5. Math Scores Dropped Globally, but the U.S. Still Trails Other Countries  The New York Times
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  1. 23andMe: Profiles of 6.9 million people hacked
  2. 23andMe confirms hackers accessed data of 6.9 million users  Fox Business
  3. Data Breach at 23andMe Affects 6.9 Million Profiles, Company Says  The New York Times
  4. 23andMe says nearly 7 million users personal information was compromised  FOX 26 Houston
  5. 23andMe confirms hackers stole ancestry data on 6.9 million users  TechCrunch
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Wells Fargo CEO warns of severance costs of nearly $1 billion in fourth quarter as layoffs loom  CNBCView Full Coverage on Google News
  1. How oil firms talk about climate change — and how to decode it  NPR
  2. The Naive Hope That Oil Companies Will Fix Climate Change  InsideHook
  3. I'm a climate activist. Here's why I'm at a UN conference hosted by an oil CEO  Canada's National Observer
  4. What the fossil fuel industry is saying in this year's climate talks  NPR
  5. COP 28 kicks off in another country made rich by oil  American Thinker
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  1. China's Rising Debt Spurs Moody's to Lower Credit Outlook  The New York Times
  2. Moody’s Lowers China Credit Outlook on Rising Debt  Bloomberg Television
  3. Stock Index Futures Slip Ahead of U.S. JOLTs Report, China Credit Outlook Downgrade Weighs  Barchart
  4. Moody's cuts China credit outlook  Reuters
  5. Moody's cut China's credit outlook to negative on rising debt risks  CNBC
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  1. A detailed look at the OnePlus 12 ahead of its global launch  The Verge
  2. OnePlus 12 debuts with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, IP65 rating and 50W wireless charging - news
  3. The OnePlus 12 has landed with a massive battery and mega power  TechRadar
  4. OnePlus 12 is out with a massive battery, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and improved cameras  PhoneArena
  5. The OnePlus 12 is here, and it has enough upgrades to make Samsung sweat  Android Central
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  1. Grand Theft Auto VI - Watch Trailer 1 Now  Rockstar Games
  2. GTA 6 trailer leak spoiled the biggest video game moment in a decade | Opinion
  3. The 5 most impressive things about the GTA 6 trailer  Gamesradar
  4. GTA 6 location confirmed — here's why returning to Vice City is a mistake  Tom's Guide
  5. Grand Theft Auto: does the world really need another sequel?  Dazed
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Apple's Left a $500 Hole in Its iPhone Lineup, and Android Phones Are Filling That Gap  CNET
  1. Beeper Mini brings iMessage to Android  The Verge
  2. Beeper Mini brings native iMessage to Android  9to5Google
  3. Beeper Mini for Android sends and receives iMessages, no Mac server required  Ars Technica
  4. Beeper Mini is the iMessage for Android app we've been waiting for  Android Authority
  5. Hands-on: Beeper Mini might be even better than an actual iMessage app for Android  9to5Google
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  1. Jamie Foxx Says He ‘Saw the Tunnel’ During Mystery Medical Issue: ‘I Wouldn’t Wish What I Went Through on My Worst Enemy’  Billboard
  2. Jamie Foxx admits he 'couldn't walk' after mystery illness: 'I saw the tunnel. I didn't see the light'  Fox News
  3. Jamie Foxx Emotional In First Hollywood Appearance Since Mystery Illness, Says He “Saw The Tunnel – I Didn't See The Light”  Yahoo Entertainment
  4. Jamie Foxx Makes First Public Appearance Since Health Scare: “I Saw the Tunnel, I Didn’t See the Light”  Hollywood Reporter
  5. Jamie Foxx Emotional in First Public Appearance Since Medical Scare  PEOPLE
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  1. Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Break Silence on Affair Allegations  E! NEWS
  2. Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Break Their Silence: 'We Love Each Other'  PEOPLE
  3. Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Break Their Silence: 'We Lost the Jobs We Love Because We Love Each Other'  Yahoo Entertainment
  4. Amy Robach 'wanted to die' post-scandal, did 'welfare check' on T.J Holmes during 'year of hell'  Page Six
  5. Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Deny Cheating on Their Ex-Spouses: 'We Were Both in the Middle of Divorces'  PEOPLE
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  1. Wonka reviews: Critics say Timothée Chalamet film is a treat
  2. Wonka Review  IGN
  3. Wonka review – Timothée Chalamet’s Chocolate Factory prequel is a superbly sweet treat  The Guardian
  4. Wonka film review: 'Relentlessly wacky and over the top'
  5. 'Wonka' Review: An Everlasting Gobstopper of Terrible Ridiculousness  The Daily Beast
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  1. Britney Spears' estranged dad, Jamie, has leg amputated after 'terrible infection'  Page Six
  2. Britney Spears' Dad Jamie Had Leg Amputated  TMZ
  3. Britney Spears relationship with father exposed after leg amputation  Geo News
  4. Britney Spears' dad Jamie has leg amputated as health declines: report  Page Six
  5. Britney Spears' Father Jamie Loses Limb Following Health Woes: Report  Parade Magazine
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  1. Jake Browning finds familiar feeling in leading Bengals' OT win  ESPN
  2. Jaguars' Trevor Lawrence suffers ankle injury, needs help from trainers to get off field vs Bengals  Fox News
  3. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars | 2023 Week 13 Game Highlights  NFL
  4. Jaguars Lose More Than Just a Game With Trevor Lawrence Injury  Sports Illustrated
  5. NFL playoff picture: How the AFC stacks up after Jaguars' Week 13 loss  Jaguars Wire
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  1. Indiana Pacers shock Boston Celtics to reach semi-finals of NBA Cup  The Guardian
  2. Pacers vs. Celtics: Tyrese Haliburton triple-double sends Pacers to Vegas  IndyStar
  3. Tyrese Haliburton posts 1st triple-double, Pacers top Celtics  ESPN
  5. NBA In-Season Tournament picks and analysis  Sportsnaut
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  1. PFT's Week 14 2023 NFL power rankings  NBC Sports
  2. NFL Week 14 Power Rankings 2023: How all 32 teams stack up  ESPN
  3. Are the 49ers the best team in the NFL? | Digital Sportscentre  TSN
  4. NFL Power Rankings Week 14: 49ers make a statement, plus worst-case scenarios  The Athletic
  5. Rest of season fantasy football rankings following NFL Week 13 | Fantasy Football News, Rankings and Projections  Pro Football Focus
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  1. Factors for Shohei Ohtani signing with Blue Jays
  2. Clues Suggest Shohei Ohtani May Be Advancing With Blue Jays  Sports Illustrated
  3. Tipsheet: Baseball's big shoppers await outcome of Ohtani sweepstakes, Soto trade talks  St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  4. Blue Jays "Believed" To Have Met With Ohtani On Monday  MLB Trade Rumors
  5. Can the Jays Sign Ohtani and Trade for Soto? | JD Bunkis Podcast  SPORTSNET
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  1. Chandrayaan-3: India Moon mission's propulsion module returns to Earth's orbit
  2. ISRO brings back Chandrayaan-3 Propulsion Module to Earth's orbit  ANI News
  3. India returns Chandrayaan-3 propulsion module to Earth orbit  SpaceNews
  4. Chandrayaan-3: ISRO Moves Its Propulsion Module To Orbit Around Earth  moneycontrol
  5. India reveals that it has returned lunar spacecraft to Earth orbit  Ars Technica
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  1. Daily Telescope: An ancient galaxy behind a veil of dust  Ars Technica
  2. James Webb Spots Strange "Ghostly" Object Reappearing  Futurism
  3. Disappearing Galaxy Reappears And Changes Our Understanding Of Galaxy Evolution  IFLScience
  4. Ghostly Galaxy Haunting Astronomers Reappears—'A Real Monster'  Newsweek
  5. Ghostlike Dusty Galaxy Reappears in James Webb Space Telescope Image  The University of Texas at Austin
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  1. Geomagnetic storm likely to impact Earth through Tuesday: What we know
  2. Massive "coronal hole" in the Sun prompts aurora alert for southern states
  3. Why northern lights are appearing more frequently in Lower 48  San Francisco Chronicle
  4. Solar winds moving towards the Earth to trigger solar storm today reveals NOAA; Check details  HT Tech
  5. Geomagnetic Storm Likely to Affect Earth This Week  Newsmax
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  1. Solar system with 6 planets orbiting in-sync discovered  PBS NewsHour
  2. Astronomers Discover Rare Solar System Where Planets Orbit in Mathematical Harmony  Smithsonian Magazine
  3. 6-planet solar system found in Milky Way galaxy with all planets in sync  Fox 12 Oregon
  4. Solar system with 6 planets orbiting in-sync discovered in Milky Way  PBS NewsHour
  5. 6 planets found in synchronized orbit may help solve cosmic puzzle
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  1. Sushi topper wasabi linked to ‘substantial’ memory boost, study finds  WTOP
  2. Wasabi Shows Memory-Boosting Powers in Study  U.S. News & World Report
  3. Wasabi linked to substantial boost in memory
  4. Wasabi linked to 'really substantial' boost in memory: study  New York Post
  5. Wasabi effective in improving memory of elderly: Japan study - The Mainichi  The Mainichi
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  1. Reviving Minds: Implant Restores Cognitive Functions After Brain Injury  SciTechDaily
  2. Brain Implants Helped 5 People Recover From Traumatic Injuries  The New York Times
  3. Implant Shows Promise in Restoring Cognitive Function After Brain Injury  Neuroscience News
  4. A small study offers hope for people with traumatic brain injuries  NPR
  5. Stanford's brain implant helps woman regain cognitive function after traumatic injury  KGO-TV
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  1. Outbreaks of Pneumonia Are Now Affecting Children in Multiple Countries  ScienceAlert
  2. China's pneumonia outbreak: Children around the world falling sick, cases rise globally | WION  WION
  3. How the New Outbreak in China Is Affecting the US and Other Regions  Medscape
  4. What to know about China's respiratory illness surge  Reuters
  5. China Wants Traditional Medicine to Quell Its Pneumonia Wave  Bloomberg
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  1. New Mexico veterinarian warns dog owners about mysterious illness spreading nationwide  KOB 4
  2. What we know about the mysterious illness hitting dogs  NBC News
  3. Dog illness mystery might be solved, researchers say
  4. Sioux Falls businesses that allow dogs inside are taking precautions again mystery respiratory illne  Dakota News Now
  5. Veterinarians exploring treatments to help dogs suffering from growing respiratory illness  NBC News
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