Ka Wei Low

Ka Wei Low

Senior Communications Director


What's in a Name?
TSMP Law Corporation, September 2019

A rose, said Shakespeare, by any other name would smell as sweet. But while the Bard may know his flowers, he clearly was no expert on branding Apples.   Rodrigo Duterte, the Filipino president, would like to change his country’s moniker “because the Philippines is named after King Phillip”. He appears to be eager to distance his nation from its colonial past, the said monarch being a 16th century ruler of Spain...

A Case of Foot in Mouth Disease
TSMP Law Corporation, December 2018

Whether you are a business pushing out an edgy ad campaign, or one with an unsolicited media crisis on your hands, in the age of the Internet you are just keystrokes away from things going “viral”. It is important to be prepared. Like many bad ideas, it started innocuously enough. In late November, Dolce & Gabbana uploaded a series of videos on its social media platforms that starred a young Chinese woman wearing a red sequin dress...