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Christina Hellstrom

Christina Hellstrom



  • Commercial Real Estate Law
  • Environmental Law

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Christina Hellstrom has been working with planning and environmental issues since 2006. Her focus has been on planning, building permits, environmental permits and environ-mental supervision. You will find her clients within the fields of infrastructure and industry regarding both planning and environmental law issues. With her background she has both an authority's point of view on planning and environmental issues.


Master of Laws, LL.M., Lund University 2005
Areas of Practice

Commercial Real Estate Law | Environmental Law

Professional Career

Professional Activities and Experience

Reporting clerk, Administrative Court in Malmö 2008-2012
Legal secretar, County Administrative Board of Kalmar 2006-2008


New Law Proposed to Extend Liability for Environmental Crime in Waste Management
Delphi, December 2017

In its bill, Extended Environmental Crime Provisions, from earlier this year, the government has proposed extending the scope of offences for environmental crime committed in conjunction with waste management. The proposal means that all waste management that can cause significant pollution, which is harmful to human health, animals or plants or that can cause other significant environmental nuisance is to be punishable. The penalty for the crime is a fine or imprisonment for up to two years...

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