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Alabama, USA
    Local Time: Monday 12:43

Practice Expertise

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • International and Cross Border

Areas of Practice

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • International and Cross Border
  • Litigation


David Bashford’s practice consists entirely of representing clients in theconstruction industry on projects throughout the United States andinternationally, including extensive experience with utility-scale energydevelopers and contractors.

He represents clients in risk management matters, including contractnegotiation, contract/project administration assistance, and claimavoidance/mitigation, and, when necessary, dispute resolution, includingclaim preparation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration and/or litigation.Previously, David served as general counsel for an EPC solar contractorwith $2 billion per year in revenue across the U.S. and internationally. Hehas experience with entering new jurisdictions for EPC work in NorthAmerica, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

David provides clients with legal advice in the context of understandingtheir business. His goal is to support the clients’ business and help themthrive, by primarily focusing on avoiding and mitigating problems when theyarise where possible, while also protecting clients’ interests throughdispute resolution when and if necessary.

The construction business is surrounded by risk, and the successfulcontractor is able to identify, manage and mitigate risks (includingresulting impact) as early as possible. Early and efficient resolution ofdisputes and conflicts during the construction process is the key to asuccessful project and portfolio of work, and therefore should be thecenterpiece of any effective risk management plan. Such risk managementshould always be backed up by the ability to pursue formal disputeresolution in a cost-effective manner where the parties cannot reach acompromised settlement, but often times legal support on the front end ofwork is substantially more “efficient” than fees paid after the project inorder to fight in litigation or arbitration.

David provides clients and their project teams with significant riskmanagement training generally and specific to the contract/project at issueprior to the first shovel in the ground. This is backed up by ongoing riskassessment and claim management during performance of the work, all aimedtowards getting reasonable and equitable business resolutions wherepossible in order to allow the parties to finish the job.

David believes a good attorney should be a “value add” to the process ofconstruction and conflict by helping clients determine the best overallbusiness solutions in the context of relevant legal, factual and practicalparameters, and he brings this philosophy to all of his dealings withclients.

*Not licensed to practice in Alabama. Admitted to practice in Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Arizona, and Georgia.

Bar Admissions

  • Nevada, 2010
  • North Carolina, 2002
  • Texas, 2009
  • Virginia, 2003
  • Arizona, 2013
  • Georgia, 2018


  • University of North Carolina School of Law, J.D., 2002, with honors
  • Davidson College, B.A., 1998

Areas of Practice

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • International and Cross Border
  • Litigation



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