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Jouni Weckstrom

Jouni Weckstrom



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Jouni Weckström is a widely recognised practitioner who has broad experience in tax law with a special focus on tax litigation and corporate and international taxation. His areas of specialisation also include complex transfer pricing disputes. With a background as a former tax litigator for the City of Helsinki, Mr Weckström has been involved in numerous high-profile tax disputes. He has also advised domestic and foreign multinationals in group structuring or re-structuring and has acted as an adviser to investors in cross-border investment structuring. In addition, Mr Weckström has advised on transactional and real estate VAT issues, as well as on complex cross-border VAT arrangements. Prior to joining Krogerus, he worked for another major Finnish law firm. Mr Weckström has also previously worked for the Finnish Tax Administration.


Master of Laws, University of Helsinki (2001)
Professional Career

Professional Associations

  • International Fiscal Association
    Finnish Bar Association
    Association for Finnish Tax Professionals

Vero-oikeudellinen jatkuvuusperiaate toimintamuodon muutostilanteessa (The tax legal principle of continuity in a change of form situtations) (Tilintarkastus, 6/2002) (available only in Finnish)

Luottamuksensuojaperiaatteesta yleisesti ja erityisesti verotuksessa (The principle of legitimate expectations in general, and in particular in taxation) (Verotus, 3/2003) (available only in Finnish)

Erityiset syyt ja tarve toiminnan jatkumisen kannalta - ajatuksia poikkeuslupasääntelystä (The specific reasons and the need for continuing the activities - some thoughts on the specific exemption order regulation on loss carry forwards) (Verotus 3/2004) (available only in Finnish)

Veronkiertosäännöksen soveltaminen osakeyhtiön purkutilanteessa (Applying the general tax avoidance rule in a liquidations of a limited liability company) (Defensor Legis, 2004/3) (available only in Finnish)

Verovalmistelijan esteellisyys verotuksen oikaisulautakunnassa (The incompetence of a presenting tax official in the Tax Adjustment Board due to the likelihood of bias) (Verotus, 2/2005) (available only in Finnish)

Veron kiertämisen tunnistaminen, osa I (Recognizing the tax avoidance, Part I) (Verotus, 4/2015) (available only in Finnish)

Veron kiertämisen tunnistaminen, osa II (Recognizing the tax avoidance, Part II) (Verotus, 5/2015) (available only in Finnish)

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