Travel Restrictions Across Mexico-US Border due to COVID-19 Virus 

March, 2020 - Alejandro Barrera, Margarita Ortiz

Due to the health crisis derived from the COVID-19 virus, declared as pandemic by the World Health Organization on March, 11, 2020, the US and Mexican governments released a joint statement, by which travel restrictions are established, in order to reduce the spreading of the COVID-19 as it is paramount to ensure the health of nationals of both countries and at the same time, protecting cross- border essential economic and employment activities.

As a first measure, all trips considered non-essential are restricted, i.e., those involving recreational activities and tourism.

As part of the joint initiative, the following are recognized as essential activities and services, which are mentioned but not limited to:

  • Trade
  • Transport of goods and perishables
  • Purchase of live-saving medicines
  • Health and emergency services
  • Work trips (with supporting documentation)
  • Temporary and permanent residents
  • Visits of diplomatic or official nature
  • Other similar, approved by governments of both countries,

By virtue of the foregoing, trips of a non-essential nature will be suspended in order to prioritize the above-mentioned activities.

It is worth noting that, so far, the restriction is only applicable to arrivals throughout US-Mexico land border.

The joint initiative comes into effect at March, 21, with an initial validity of 30 days, subject to extension upon review.

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