Angola Coronavirus: Update of Public Calamity Situation Measures 

September, 2020 - Bruno Xavier de Pina, Rúben Brigolas, Sandra Saraiva, João Bravo da Costa

Presidential Decree no. 229/20 of 8 September 2020 has been published and its aim is to reassess the measures imposed by Presidential Decree no. 142/20, considering the evolution of the epidemiological situation. The new decree renews most of the measures already in force, although it also eases some restrictions.

The following are now allowed: the entry info and exit from Angola for the purpose of return to Angola of national citizens or foreign non-residents, the entry into Angola of professionals who provide services in the country, either to public or private entities, the entry of citizens with work visas and the return of foreign citizens to their country of origin. In all cases, a RT-PCR test with a negative result is mandatory and must beperformed within the 72 hours prior to travel. Entry and exit under the new decree are not subject to any type of authorisation.

Home quarantine is mandatory for citizens returning to the country. However, the health authorities may determine institutional quarantine for non-resident foreign citizens in situations where the conditions of home quarantine are not guaranteed.

Scheduled flights are allowed to resume gradually from 14 September 2020 for domestic flights and from 21 September 2020 for international flights.

Public services continue to function in the period from 8:00 to 15:00 observing the limit of the workforce of 50% for Luanda and 75% for the other provinces. Engaging in commercial activity involving goods and services is done from 7:00 to 20:00 and must observe the same limit of the workforce of 50% for Luanda and 75% for the other provinces.

As for restaurants, the opening hours have been increased to the period between 6:00 and 22:00, and they may not exceed 50% of their capacity.

Activities and meetings held in enclosed spaces must not exceed the capacity of 50%, or the limit of 50 or 150 people, depending on whether in the Province is Luanda or another Province.

As for educational establishments, from October onwards, classroom activities are authorised at all levels of education in public and private educational establishments, and the relevant ministerial departments must create the necessary conditions for the safe return to the educational activities.

Extraordinary validity is granted until 31 December 2020 to expired documents, such as the identity card, driving license, car registration, car ownership certificate, passport for return to the country, residence card and visa granted to foreigners who are in Angola, and licenses or qualifications of aeronautical or maritime personnel.

The cordon sanitaire in the Province of Luanda is extended until 11:59 pm on 8 October and this Decree comes into force at 0:00 am on 9 September 2020.

Regarding visas, it should also be noted that Executive Decree no. 233/20 of 4 September, has recently been published and it extends the validity of short visas for citizens who are in the country and documents relating to the stay of foreign citizens in Angola, such as work visas, residence permits and investor visas, of citizens who are absent from the country.


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