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February, 2021 - Brigard Urrutia

Modifications to the obligation to disclose information by issuers of securities

The National Government issued a new rule that modifies the provisions relating to the obligation to disclose information by issuers of securities, in accordance with the parameters set by the International Organization of Securities Commissions. The decree completely replaces title 4 of Decree 2555 of 2010, which will be referred to as the "framework for disclosure of the information of the issuers of securities". The changes established by this regulation are based on the variations derived from the innovation and natural development of the market, which imposes new challenges in relation to the characteristics and timing in which the information that will serve as the basis for decision-making by the investors.

Values and the procedure for the payment of the National Vaccination Plan

The Minister of Health released a draft resolution by which the methodology to establish the values and the procedure for the recognition and payment of the activities of scheduling, application, verification, support and validation that are required for the process of Vaccination against Covid-19 of unaffiliated persons who are in charge of health service providers, entities responsible for insurance and departmental, district and municipal territorial entities, with resources from the National Fund for Disaster Risk Management.

Colombia regulates Vocational Learning Units in Business.

The National Government regulated the UVAE to provide training for labor insertion or reintegration. UVAE are a training mechanism, comprised of spaces, goods and services implemented in a company that allow the development and strengthening of capacities for job performance, through internal training processes. Through this means, employers will be able to train their workers, their apprentices with an apprenticeship contract and their interns, free of charge, in the activities they carry out, in order to improve people's skills and work productivity.

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