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April, 2021 - Mamo TCV Advocates

Banking & Finance

ESAs issue joint supervisory statement on the application of the Regulation on Sustainability-related disclosures in the Financial Services Sector (SFDR)

ESAs issue recommendations on the application of the SFDR.

Simon Pullicino   01/03/2021

On 25 February, 2021 the triumvirate of European Supervisory Authorities, the EBA, EIOPA and ESMA (the "ESAs") published a joint statement on the effective and consistent application and national supervision of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation ("SFDR"). The joint statement is intended to help mitigate the risks of divergent application of the SFDR, and promote a level playing field to protect investors.

In their joint statement, the ESAs recommend that during the interim period between 10th March, 2021 (the date upon which most of the provisions on sustainability-related disclosures laid down under the SFDR will apply) to the application date of the Regulatory Technical Standards ("RTS") on the content, methodologies and presentation of sustainability-related disclosures pursuant to the SFDR (which will be delayed to a later date), national competent authorities are encouraged to refer financial market participants and financial advisers to the requirements set out in the draft RTS of the ESAs' final report submitted to the European Commission on 4 February 2021. The draft RTS can be used as a reference for the purpose of applying Articles 2a, 4, 8, 9 and 10 of the SFDR in the interim period.

The joint supervisory statement can be accessed using the following link:

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Employment & Labour

Court of Justice of the European Union Condemns UK for Breaching Ambient Air Quality Limits

NO2 Limits set by Directive 2008/50/EC on Ambient Air Quality Not Respected for Over a Decade.

Mark Soler   08/03/2021

On the 4th March 2021, the Seventh Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union issued its decision on an important matter related to the breach of ambient air quality legislation by the UK government (European Commission v. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, c-664/18). This case is only one among several others filed by the Commission against EU Member States, including France, Italy, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Directive 2008/50/EC on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe required Member States of the EU to adopt the air pollution limits contained within its Annexes by the 11th June 2010. The main objective of this Directive is to reduce, among other things, emissions relating to industrial processes, the exhaust of heavy-duty vehicles and the sulphuric content of fuels. As a primary measure to achieve this reduction, Member States had to draw up 'air quality plans' for zones and agglomerations within which concentrations of pollutants in ambient air exceeded the air quality target values or limit values set by the legislation. Read More

Telecoms, Media & Technology

Mamo TCV Advocates Publishes 5th Edition of its Popular (and free) ‘Brief Overview of the GDPR’

The brief and easy-to-read document can be downloaded for free from Mamo TCV's dedicated GDPR Microsite which is kept regularly updated.

Claude Micallef Grimaud   01/03/2021

Mamo TCV Advocates has recently updated its very popular (and free) brief GDPR overview (now in its 5th edition) with easy-to-read information specific to Malta including the local implementation measures.

The document can be downloaded for free from Mamo TCV's dedicated GDPR Microsite which is kept regularly updated.

At you can find relevant data protection news and articles, all relevant guidelines, links to all the relevant laws and more. Read More


Mamo TCV confirmed as one of Malta’s Leading Law Firms by Chambers Europe
Mamo TCV has reaffirmed its top position as one of the leading Maltese Law firms in the Chambers Europe 2021 rankings.
Mamo TCV Advocates   23/03/2021

Dr Jonathan Abela Fiorentino Certified as an Accredited Mediator by the London School of Mediation
Dr Jonathan Abela Fiorentino Certified as an Accredited Mediator by London School of Mediation
Mamo TCV Advocates   03/03/2021



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