The ‘Planning Bill’: A fresh look 

July, 2022 - Shoosmiths LLP

In conversation with... Our panel of experts - Nina Pindham of No.5 Chamber, Sam Grange and Will Thomas from Shoosmiths and Rhys Bradshaw from DLP Planning took a fresh look at the new "Planning" Bill and gave us their thoughts.

There are many questions that many have about the new ‘Planning’ bill...  Is this the final Act for s.106? Has it bitten the dust as predicted by the Press in the lead up to the Queens Speech or is it just being tinkered with around the edges? What is an Environmental Outcome Report, how will this fit in with the Environment Act, and will we live happily ever after now that EIA / SEA are to be scrapped? What is the future for CIL and will an IL be any better – can either do any better at securing affordable housing? Should you be worried if you’ve been living in an unlawful dwelling for 3 ½ years and getting away with it? What is the role of “localism” now we have NDMP’s? And is there any better way of falling out with your neighbours than a street vote?

Having had the time to review all the newsletters and presentations, the discussion provided a round up of the facts and figures and heard some interesting thoughts and views from our panel.

Watch the session now...




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