The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill receives Royal Assent 

May, 2024 - Shoosmiths LLP

The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill (the Bill) completed the legislative process and received Royal Assent on 24 May 2024 and is now law. 

The changes introduced by the Bill include better protection for consumers in relation to subscription contracts, regulation of fake reviews, the display of ecommerce pricing information (to avoid ‘drip pricing’) and enhanced enforcement measures (including GDPR style fines) against non-compliant traders. 

Whilst the Bill is now law, the provisions relating to subscription contracts will come into force no earlier than spring 2026. We expect this delay is largely as a result of planned consultations in relation to certain sectors and clarification around the cancellation processes. 

Our expectation is that it is unlikely that an additional implementation period will apply in 2026 as the Government have stated the delay is to “guarantee that businesses have sufficient time to adapt operations”.[1] It is therefore important that businesses that provide subscriptions to consumers take action now to ensure compliance by spring 2026. 

If you would like further detail about the consumer protection law changes introduced by the Bill, please read our recent article The UK Digital Markets, Competition & Consumers Bill, view our DMCC webinar or get in touch with our specialist team to discuss. 




1 - Lord Offord of Garvel, column 2085


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