Recent Tax Developments in Guatemala 

August, 2012 - Ana Alfaro Jose E. Quiñones

With two Congressional Decrees approved in February and March 2012 (“Ley Antievasión II” (Decree 4-2012), and “Ley de Actualización Tribuaria” (Decree 10-2012) respectively), Congress introduces several reforms to the Guatemalan Tax System through extensive amendments to the Tax Code (“Código Tributario”) and other tax laws.

The most notorious and substantial reforms affect the VAT Law, the Tobacco Tax Law, the Tax Code, and Income Tax Law. A completely new Income Tax Law will enter into force on January 1st, 2013.

New figures to the Guatemalan Tax System such as Transfer Pricing, Permanent Establishment and Thin Capitalization rules are being introduced, as well as new definitions regarding residency for tax purposes.




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