Bidding for Port of Manta (Ecuador) 

February, 2013 - Dr. Josemaria Bustamante

As you may well be aware of, the Manta Multipurpose Deepwater Terminal Concession project was awarded to Hutchison by November 17, 2006. I personally assisted Hutchison in the process, from the time immediately after tendering its offer to the time the concession agreement was executed. then, Hutchison took its own path and, eventually, the relationship between the Port Authority and Hutchison was over.

Then, in 2012 the Port Authority called for a new Concession Process, which failed. Needles to say, I did not take part of this second attempt to concession the Port of Manta; so I have been asked to assist clients in finally getting the deal through. Accordingly, please be advised that after the second attempt to concession the Port of Manta failed, the government is considering calling to look for a strategic partner to develop the most the Manta marine terminal on this 2013.

According to the media, Port of Manta officials have already met with 6 of the companies that showed interest in 2012 (9 companies bought specifications; yet no offer was tendered); that is: Ultramar and Empresas Navieras de Chile, Andina de Perú. Acciona de España, Port America of the United States and Geohidra of Venezuela. And, they will meet with further companies showing interest in the project up to February. Apparently, nowadays, there are 13 port operators interested in the concession. After that, the bidding specifications shall be drafted, which should be ready by May, and available t the public by June, at a cost of US $10,000.

Dr. Josemaria Bustamante

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