Doing Business in the Baltics 

May, 2013 -

Dear Reader, We have the pleasure to present the new edition of Doing Business in the Baltics.  We hope that the information presented in this publication will provide businesses, investors  and their advisers a better understanding of the advantages that the Baltic States have to offer.

One of the advantages for businesses locating or operating in the Baltic States includes an excellent infrastructure and communications network, which provides businesses with operational quality at a competitive cost. The region is also characterized by a skilled workforce with good knowledge of English and other foreign languages. Located at the crossroads of three important and diverse markets (Central & Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia), the Baltic States form a business-friendly hub for doing business between East and West, and North and South. 

We trust that this publication will provide readers with valuable information about the Baltics, and LAWIN looks forward to helping you succeed in the region!                                                                                                                                                                                                     



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