Opportunities in Guatemala: Public – Private Partnerships  

April, 2016 - Alejandro Cofiño R.

Using the Infrastructure Development Partnership Law (Ley de Alianzas para el Desarrollo de Infraestructura Económica) enacted in 2010 and its specific Rules, the Guatemalan Government through the corresponding government agencies (Agencia Nacional de Alianzas para el Desarrollo de Infraestructura Económica – ANADIE and the Programa Nacional de la Competitividad – PRONACOM), is promoting a project portfolio under BOP scheme (built/operate/transfer). These infrastructure projects will require the participation of developers, investors, lenders, advisors and intermediaries to make them a reality.

Among the infrastructure projects in such portfolio, there are toll highways, renovation and expansion of the main international airport in the country, an urban passengers train and interconnection transportation network in Guatemala City, a cargo train facility between one of Mexico and Guatemala’s border, among other projects.

Please see file http://www.qil4abogados.com/insights/2016/4/1/opportunities-in-guatemalapublic-private-partnerships

More information: 

ANADIE - http://www.agenciadealianzas.gob.gt/wpsite/

PRONACOM - http://www.mineco.gob.gt/programa-nacional-de-la-competitividad-pronacom



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