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Slovenia Looking Forward To The Tourist Season 

Published: April, 2016

Submission: April, 2016


Judging by industry reports, it seems that another rich tourist season is in the making for Slovenia. The spas are working at full capacity during Easter and May holidays, and both international and domestic guests are pouring in. Even though there has been a steady growth in interest for Slovenian spas during the last couple of years – regardless of the economic situation and the fluctuating purchasing power of the guests – a more significant increase in interest can be noted this year, with speculations mainly assigning this to tense security situations in a number of typical tourist destinations. In that regard, Slovenia has been marked as a safe country, most frequently visited by Austrians, Russians, Germans, Croats and the like.

It is the value of foreign guests that many spa employees especially stress, as they are the ones that comprise the growing numbers of visitations, and at the same time present the most important target group in the eyes of Slovenians going forward. Such guests have been reported as the active kind, who give great importance to the location that Slovenian spas enjoy, as they are close to Ljubljana – the country's capital, and Lake Bled, but also a quick drive away from Trieste and Venice. Together with the presence of unspoiled nature, location has been named as one of two overall key reasons why tourists decide on spending their holidays in Slovenia.

Another update with regard to the Slovenian spa industry is related to the possibility that higher taxes on thermal water will be introduced in the future. Some of the executive officials have already sounded off on this topic, claiming that such measures threaten to incur higher costs for the owners, and that they plan on lowering the costs of concession payments as a consequence, in order to disturb their business outcomes as little as possible.

The level of success that Slovenia has enjoyed in the spa tourism business has slowly been spilling onto the Serbian market too, with recent reports of potential Slovenian investments in Serbian spas.


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