Haynes and Boone
  May 6, 2003 - Dallas, Texas

Do's and Taboos of Raising Venture Capital
  by Charles D Powell

Capital Committed to
VC Funds in the US ($) and Return
Importance of Angel
• 80% of recent Inc. 500 bootstrapped initial
capital using non-traditional source of
• 5% raised initial capital from venture
• 1996 - $30 billion angel funding
$10 billion venture capital2

1. Angel Profile
• Do’s for Entrepreneurs. Find angels who are:
– Super “accredited”
– Founders of multiple successful companies –
“Serial Entrepreneurs”
– Gold plated rolodex – access to top venture
capitalists, attorneys, etc.
– Hands on – very demanding
– Wants to be involved in business (and
provides value)
– Super mentor – “been there, done that”
Chuck’s Do’s and Don’ts

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