Brigard Urrutia
  May 4, 2020 - Colombia

Biosecurity protocol for building construction

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 682 adopting the biosecurity protocol for the control and management of COVID-19 in the building construction sector.

This protocol is complementary to the general biosecurity protocol adopted through Resolution 666 of 2020 and to other measures implemented by each company.

This biosecurity protocol includes the following measures:

1. General biosecurity measures

2. Additional measures

2.1. General measures to be adopted by construction leaders (director, controller and / or supervisors)

2.2. Measures that must be guaranteed in the construction place and other areas

2.2.1. Application Plan of the Sanitary Protocol for the Construction Place (PAPSO for its acronym in Spanish)

2.2.2. Classification of venues in the construction place

2.2.3. Definition of roles and responsibilities Occupational Safety and Health Professional Contractors and construction officials Employees 2.2.4. Supervisors measures

2.2.5. Control measures during working hours Control measures for entering to the construction place Control measures for leaving the construction place

2.2.6. Activities control during the day

2.2.7. Scheduling of activities, personnel and work shifts

2.2.8. Use of common areas

2.2.9. Control in bathrooms, dressing rooms and showers

2.2.10. Personal protection elements

2.2.11. Maintenance of personal protection elements and equipment

2.2.12. Communication addressed to the community in general

2.2.13. Receipt of documents at the post stand

2.2.14. Products delivery

2.2.15. Provisions for surveillance and security companies

2.3. Cleaning and disinfection measures

2.3.1. Equipment and tool handling Heavy machinery Heavy machinery with cabins Minor tool

2.4. Response mechanism before a case

2.4.1. Measures for the person

2.4.2. Measures for the construction place

2.4.3. Measures for possible contacts

2.4.4. Measures for areas

2.5. Mitigation / crisis measures

2.6. Measures for the production, supply and services chain

2.6.1. Measures in the construction place and warehouse Delivery, loading and unloading of materials. Rules prior to receiving orders and supplies Warehouse management Rules when receiving orders in the download area

2.6.2. Measures in production plants Measures during loading and delivery of products Measures in product transport

2.7. Measures for the provision of the legal guarantee

2.8. Measures for the supply of immovable property

According to Decree 539 of 2020, monitoring of compliance with this protocol will be conducted by municipal or district secretariats or entities that belong to this economic activity. The above, regardless the surveillance carried out by the Ministry of Work or the faculties of other authorities (for instance, the Ministry of Housing).


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