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  April 26, 2022 - Malaysia

The Recent Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021 and its Potential Effect on the Employment Relationship
  by Nur Najehah Jalaldin

Dear valued clients, colleagues and friends,

On 30 March 2022, the Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021 (“Amended Bill”) was passed in Dewan Negara (Senate). In this update, Vijayan Venugopal and Nur Najehah will outline the key changes and upcoming issues which employers should be aware considering this recent development.

At the outset, before diving into the issues, it is important to first understand the present status of the Amended Bill.

To put things in context, laws are introduced to Parliament as bills and can be introduced either before the Dewan Rakyat or the Dewan Negara. This is referred to as “tabling a Bill”. After the Bill is tabled, it must go through three stages of reading.

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