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  June 30, 2022 - Panama

Why should commit to estate planning?
  by Morgan & Morgan

Throughout my career as a banker and as an attorney, as well as through experiences with friends and their families, I have noticed that there is no topic more taboo than talking to someone about their death and how they intend to distribute their accumulated assets during their lifetime. It is incredible that, for many, this topic is so difficult to face with an objective mind to leave their estate affairs in order, no matter how small it may be. After all, as the flamboyant singer of the band The Doors, Jim Morrison, said when referring to life:

"Nobody gets out of here alive."

There are many practical reasons to create a legal structure that allows your estate to be distributed according to your wishes and for the benefit of your loved ones. There is nothing worse than leaving an estate without a secure destination and at the mercy of the courts.

Why should we do estate planning? Please consider one of the following reasons:

Listed above are some reasons why, if you have already accumulated some wealth and have a family, you should consider setting up an estate plan. Let yourself be guided by specialized and experienced advisors in these matters and save your heirs a headache.


Alvaro Tomas A.


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