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  August 30, 2022 - Malaysia

Malaysian Practice Series — Law and Practice of Employment Law in Malaysia
  by Suganthi Singam

<p>Dear valued clients, colleagues and friends,</p><p>Our <a href="">Employment &amp; Administrative Law</a> partners, <a href="">Sivabalah Nadarajah</a> (General Editor), <a href="">Vijayan Venugopal</a>, <a href="">Suganthi Singam</a>, assisted by our Senior Associates, <a href="">Jamie Goh Moon Hoong</a> and <a href="">Benedict Ngoh</a>, have contributed to the &#8220;<strong><em>Malaysian Practice Series &#8212; Law and Practice of Employment Law In Malaysia</em></strong>&#8221; published by Sweet &amp; Maxwell.</p><p>The book covers the fundamentals of contracts of employment, the conduct of domestic inquiry, various grounds for termination, unfair labour practice, sexual harassment, proceedings at the Industrial Court, judicial review and appeal, social security, trade unions and the recognition thereof as well as industrial action.</p><p>Click <a href=";id=2939&amp;subjID=&amp;ptab=1&amp;bookstore=1&amp;g=t90a1&amp;ec=QSNBGDKTJJVZSVHOPTPJTACBOUGRSGXZOXQESGKTESEAAFBPJEEQHRVIKB">here</a> or the image below to read more.</p>

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