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  February 21, 2023 - Milton Keynes, England

The EU’s Digital Markets Act – The value proposition for the advertising ecosystem
  by Shoosmiths LLP

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) – which is underpinned by competition law - allows access to third parties to data previously held only by ‘Gatekeepers’, namely, large digital platforms, such as Google or Facebook. 

There are (at least) four data types that are foreseen to generate new business models and new products/services:

To benefit from the DMA, advertisers and publishers should begin to both plan and act. 

Determining the key business and legal issues and the timeline will be important. Examples of issues are determining what type of data would be of value, what price are you prepared to pay for it, whether you are equipped to receive and analyse the data and what, if any, data compliance safeguards need to be put in place.  It may be foreseen that the Gatekeepers will be unwilling counterparties, so negotiating terms and conditions, and in some cases the price to pay, may be challenging, and legal advice may be necessary to help ‘unlock’ the data. 

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