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COVID-19 - Impact of the Czech Government Measures on Employment Relations
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

Impact of the Czech Government measures on employment relations The current situation has a considerable impact on employment relations...

COVID-19 II Relief Programme – Czech Government Financial Support for Self-Employed and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - Urgent Approaching Deadline for Submissions
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

COVID II programme – Government financial support for self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises   Aid for self-employed persons ('self-employed') and small and medium-sized enterprises ('SMEs') affected by anti-coronavirus measures pursuant to the Czech Government’s 'COVID GUARANTEE' programme was exhausted in one day...

COVID-19 - Czech Government Approves Tax Mitigation Measures Related to Coronavirus Emergency UPDATED
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

Czech Government Approves Mitigation Measures Related to Coronavirus Emergency UPDATED   In connection with the coronavirus emergency, the Czech government has approved a liberation tax package aimed at mitigating the consequences of the emergency...

Covid-19 Czech Health Ministry's Special Measures
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

Czech Health Ministry's Special Measures UPDATED   The government explicitly stated in the Emergency Resolution that the Health Ministry’s existing emergency measures are not to be affected by the state of emergency, which means that they remain valid and must be observed. All the Health Ministry’s special measures introduced valid after the emergency was announced must be observed as well. A brief summary (updated on 19March 2020) is outlined below...

Covid-19 Czech Republic - The Offence of Spreading Coronavirus
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

The offence of spreading coronavirus From what point exactly is the spreading of COVID-19 a criminal offence? Is it only intentional spreading that is punishable or is negligence also a criminal offence? What is at stake? What are the aggravating circumstances and when do the penalties increase? And can these criminal offences also be committed by a legal entity? The Government of the Czech Republic adopted, as a part of emergency measures due to health threat, Regulation No...

Coronavirus: Impact on Intellectual Property
PLMJ, March 2020

In some areas, intellectual property will experience a period of slowdown in activity, at least in the near future. We look at this in more detail below. However, this does not mean mandatory registration of industrial property will come to a halt because, with many bodies, including the Portuguese INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), registration is done online...

Please Mr. Postman: Energy Trading Contract Notice Issues in the Time of COVID-19
Haynes and Boone, LLP, March 2020

COVID-19 and the sweeping government actions to curtail the effects of the virus have disrupted business activities across the globe, requiring businesses to carefully examine their existing contracts and in certain cases deliver important notices thereunder, such as notices of force majeure...

COVID-19 Impact on Renewable Energy Asset Development
Haynes and Boone, LLP, March 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and the sweeping government action to curtail its effects across the globe has disrupted global supply chains and may continue to do so for quite some time. These constraints will strain project development timelines across the renewable energy industry...

Several States Adopt CISA Guidance Giving “Essential Critical Infrastructure” Exemption for Energy Sector under COVID-19 “Shelter-in-Place”
Haynes and Boone, LLP, March 2020

Several state and local governments have issued “shelter in place” orders and undoubtedly more will follow. All have various exemptions for “essential businesses” and many rely on exemptions outlined in the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (“CISA”) guidance on critical infrastructure workers...

Covid-19 Convening General Meetings During a State of Emergency - Czech Republic
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

The General Meeting during the State of Emergency? Can it take place? And can it be convened? Do crisis measures contain an exception for meetings of the statutory organs of the company (e.g...

Covid- 19 - Obligation of Czech Employers to Protect Employees from Coronavirus
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

Obligation of Czech employers to protect employees from coronavirusPursuant to Section 106 (1) of the Labour Code, an employee has the right be assured of occupational health and safety protection at work (hereinafter referred to as "OHS"), even during a pandemic.Regarding prevention, the provision in section 102 of the Labor Code remains paramount...

COVID-19 State of Emergency Conditions in the Czech Republic
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

State of Emergency Conditions What does "state of emergency" actually meanand what are the powers of the Government in the regard? Can someone claim damages incurred in relation to the state of emergency? State of Emergency With effect from 12 March 2020 at 2 pm, the Government of the Czech Republic (the “Government”) has declared astate of emergency for 30 daysfor the territory of the Czech Republic due to health threats related to the presence of coronavirus in the

Czech Republic COVID-19 Crisis Measures Issued After the Announcement of the State of Emergency
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

Crisis measures issued after the announcement of the state of emergency List as of 14 March 2020 1. Temporary implementation of the protection of internal borders in the Czech Republic Underlying document: Government Declartion No. 197 from 12.3.2020 and extraordinary measures of the Ministry of the Interior dated 13.3.2020 Effectiveness from: 14.3.2020 od 0:00 hod. Effectivness until: 18.3...

Defense Production Act Authority and the Coronavirus Outbreak
Haynes and Boone, LLP, March 2020

With the coronavirus outbreak, attention has been focused on the Defense Production Act of 1950 (“DPA”)[1], a statute dating back to the time of the Korean War, which authorizes the President in times of national emergency to: Make direct purchases and purchase commitments of critical supplies and services; Interrupt the normal flow of goods, even when under contract, by requiring U.S...

COVID-19: What Should Companies be Aware of in the Next Few Days?
Garrigues, March 2020

The global health alert triggered by the spread of the new coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19, is creating great challenges for companies. Governments around the world are tackling the situation by approving drastic measures to try to mitigate the effects of the health crisis first and the economic crisis second...

Measures Taken by the Chilean National Customs Service Regarding COVID-19
Carey, March 2020

I. Regulation In the context of the declaration of a State of Catastrophe, the National Customs Service (“NCS”) issued Exempt Resolution No. 1,179 dated March 18, 2020, by means of which the NCS adopted 13 measures to facilitate foreign and domestic trade operations electronically, and to protect the health of people involved in such operations...

The REAL Trending Litigation Topics Regarding COVID-19
Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC, March 2020

A trend is emerging with recently filed litigation involving the COVID-19 pandemic. Spilman attorneys are committed to providing information that allows businesses to react as quickly as possible to avert civil litigation threats or to protect your interests through litigation. Monitoring these litigation trends will allow organizations to prepare to defend against such threats in the future or to identify and pursue civil remedies when needed...

What Does The Michigan Stay Home Executive Order Mean For Your In-Person Energy Operations?
Dykema, March 2020

  On March 23, 2020, in order to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Michigan, Governor Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-21 (“EO 2020-21”), which orders all Michigan residents to stay at home or in their place of residence unless exempted until April 13, 2020, at 11:59 p.m...

Afridi & Angell’s Free COVID-19 Advice Hotline
Afridi & Angell, March 2020

We have been in the UAE helping clients manage and survive crises for 45 years, and these are unprecedented times in our lives. We will have to work together to overcome the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we at Afridi & Angell are ready to do our part. Until the end of March, we will offer free advice on legal issues affecting companies and employers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic...

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Amends the Purchase Scheme for Renewable Sourced Electricity
Makarim & Taira S., March 2020

Overview At the end of February 2020, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (“MEMR”) issued Regulation No. 4 of 2020 (“Reg. 4/2020”), as a second amendment to MEMR Regulation No. 50 of 2017 on the Use of Renewable Energy for the Provision of Electric Power which was initially amended through MEMR Regulation No. 53 of 2018 (“Reg. 50/2017”). Reg...

Is the Coronavirus Pandemic a Force Majeure?
Verrill, March 2020

The coronavirus disease pandemic is an ongoing shock to the U.S. economic system and every-day life. The construction industry is on the front line of the tumult. Earlier this week, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh ordered the stoppage of construction projects within the City of Boston. The City of Cambridge has now followed suit...

Impact of The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on Proceedings Before the Trade Mark And Design Offices
Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, March 2020

The currently unstoppable strong spread of COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions on public life, such as quarantine measures and curfews, which are imposed in EU Member States and worldwide and which are sometimes very drastic, are also increasingly impairing the ability to work and communicate. In the meantime, various IP Offices have also reacted to this. 1...

Tort-Focused Legal Considerations for Healthcare Providers and Product Manufacturers in the COVID-19 Landscape
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP, March 2020

Introduction While the long-term litigation effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may not materialize for months – or even years – it is important for tort litigation attorneys and their clients to begin preparing now for potential legal issues that may arise. This bulletin is intended to serve as a non-exhaustive list of tort-focused legal considerations for health care providers, product manufacturers, and their attorneys in the new and ever-evolving COVID-19 landscape...

M&A and Capital Markets Law: What Needs to be Considered? COVID-19 Poses Major Challenges for (Cross-Border) M&A Transactions and Capital Market Deals
DORDA, March 2020

Introduction COVID-19 poses great challenges, especially for cross-border M&A transactions and capital market deals. In the last five years or so, the M&A sector has seen a strong seller's market in which sellers have been able to generate high selling prices and enforce contractual arrangements in their favour. This will likely change rapidly now...

Ad Hoc Disclosure Obligations in Connection With the Corona Crisis
Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, March 2020

The consequences of the coronavirus are omnipresent and felt by everyone. Management Board members and Directors of issuers of securities listed on the open or regulated market are faced with the question whether ad hoc publicity obligations are arising for their companies in connection with the corona crisis. The abstract circumstance of the occurrence of a recession as a result of the spread of the coronavirus does not trigger an ad hoc disclosure obligation...



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