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Shearn Delamore & Co Legal Updates June (1)
Shearn Delamore & Co., June 2021

Financial ServicesBNM issues Corporate Strategic Plan policy document for DFIsOn 27 May 2021, Bank Negara Malaysia (“BNM”) issued the Corporate Strategic Plan (“CSP”) policy document, applicable to all development financial institutions (“DFIs”) prescribed under the Development Financial Institutions Act 2002...

Real Estate IHL Forum: All Change! Planning: Panacea or Part of the Problem?
Shoosmiths LLP, June 2021

The COVID pandemic has catalysed the decline of traditional retail as the dominant offer in our town centres. There is a growing consensus that a significant part of most town centres needs to have a greater focus on the local community, be experimental and better address local needs. Alongside this, we have the government agenda to ‘level up’ and to ‘build back better’...

Thailand’s First Initial Coin Offering Using Real Estate Backed Security Tokens Approved by the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission Expected to Raise THB 2.4 billion
DFDL, June 2021

On 22 May 2021, SPV77 Co. Ltd., a special purpose entity set up to issue and offer Siri Hub Investment Digital Tokens (“SIRIHUB”) to investors secured approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) for the country’s first Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”). The first ICO approval by the SEC follows three years of legal changes starting with the passage of the Emergency Decree on Digital Asset Business Operation B.E. 2561 (2018)...

UK Cities Investor Guide
Shoosmiths LLP, June 2021

As we emerge from the pandemic, UK cities have a positive future – from the growth of digital broadcasting in Manchester to the positive future for inward investment; from what is needed to preserve our high streets to excitement around the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. The UK Cities Investor Guide is a bi-annual publication produced in partnership with EG, and tackles some of the key challenges and opportunities facing the real estate investment market...

Enhanced Disciplinary Regime with Emphasis on Holding Individuals Including Senior Management Accountable for Listing Rule Breaches
Deacons, June 2021

On 20 May 2021, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Exchange) published conclusions to its consultation on review of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Exchange (Listing Rules) relating to disciplinary powers and sanctions The Exchange decided to implement all the proposals in the consultation paper (see our previous client alert “Hong Kong Stock Exchange proposes to enhance disciplinary regime to deter misconduct” published in August 2020),

ESG Principles at Work in Diversifying Governance
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP, June 2021

Dinsmore's Richik Sarkar was published in Bank Director this week discussing the need for diversity and inclusion within governance structures. Read an excerpt below...

Public Health ‘Trumps’ Commercial Losses – B.C. Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Landlords in a COVID-19 Related Termination
Lawson Lundell LLP, June 2021

Commercial landlords have, in the past year and a half, dealt with many novel issues in relation to COVID-19, often on an emergency basis. Few landlords have had to deal with both public health order violations and gang crime relating to the same tenant, as in a recent decision of the B.C. Supreme Court, Ivy Lounge West Georgia Limited Partnership v. TA F&B Limited Partnership, 2021 BCSC 997...

Five Good Reasons to List your Company on the Stock Exchange and Opt for Equity Financing
Lavery Lawyers, June 2021

In 2020, the pandemic disrupted the Quebec economy and the trend continued in 2021. After a difficult year for local businesses, there is an opportunity for business owners to rethink their business model as they develop their recovery plan. In this context, an initial public offering and equity financing might be a good idea...

Businesses Dealing in Virtual Currency Face New AML and Reporting Requirements in Canada
Lawson Lundell LLP, June 2021

In May 2021, the total value of cryptocurrency globally surpassed USD $2.5 trillion, and continues its emergence as a new asset class.[1] Governments in Canada and around the world are updating regulatory requirements in response to the new innovations in financial technologies. Historically, there has been regulatory uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies in Canada...

Amendments to the Business Corporations Act Permit Virtual Meetings in British Columbia
Lawson Lundell LLP, June 2021

Virtual shareholder meetings have become ubiquitous for both public and private companies since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadian securities regulators, stock exchanges and federal and provincial governments quickly responded to accommodate electronic meetings where it was otherwise not permitted. In British Columbia, Ministerial Order No...

Schwabe Gets Briefed on JTM’s Esterra Park Carbon-Neutral Project
Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, June 2021

The final phase of the Esterra Park development in Redmond, Washington, is a carbon-neutral development. Schwabe client JTM Construction is the general contractor for that project. As attorneys, we are interested in staying up to date on market trends, so we asked JTM to put together a panel to brief Schwabe’s Real Estate and Construction industry group on the carbon-neutral aspects of the project...

Courting Billionaires
TSMP Law Corporation, June 2021

Fast becoming the Monaco of the East, Singapore is luring global UHNWIs to set up family offices here due to its wealth-friendly tax and regulatory regime, and its position at the global economic growth epicentre. Sergey Brin (net worth: US$104 billion). Google’s co-founder and the world’s ninth-richest person set up a branch of his single family office (SFO), Bayshore Global Management, in Singapore to manage his local assets late last year...

SPACS or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies - A Belgian Perspective
ALRUD Law Firm, June 2021

In recent years, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies or “SPACs” have gained tremendous popularity in the United States. In 2020 alone, one hundred SPACs accounted for approximately $80 billion in US public fundraising. Although that enthusiasm has not reached the same levels in continental Europe, these investment vehicles are also increasingly making their way into the different European markets. Today, about six SPACs are listed on Euronext Amsterdam...

Final Shape of the Licensing Regime for Virtual Asset Services Providers
Deacons, June 2021

On 21 May 2021, Hong Kong’s Financial Services and Treasury Bureau (FSTB) issued its consultation conclusions (Conclusions) on the proposed licensing regime for virtual asset services providers (VASPs). The Conclusions follow publication of the FSTB’s consultation paper of 3 November 2020 (Proposal). For details of the Proposal, please refer to our article of 24 November 2020...

When Do I Stop Paying for my Children in Family Law?
Shoosmiths LLP, June 2021

When parents separate one question that is often asked is how long will I or my ex have to pay child maintenance for. Child maintenance Child maintenance is a regular, usually monthly payment, made by the parent with whom the children do not live (commonly known as the non-resident parent (NRP)) to the other parent (commonly known as parent with care (PWC))...

Will Covid Result in Longer Child Maintenance Orders?
Shoosmiths LLP, June 2021

A question that has been posed by separated parents over the last year has been whether they will need to pay maintenance for their children for longer due to the unexpected gap year. Following the outbreak of COVID-19 there was an increase in students deferring their places at university due to start in the autumn of 2020. The number of deferrals was increased from 5.6% in 2019 to 6.3% in 2020...

Political Agreement Reached on Public Country-by-Country Reporting
Arendt & Medernach, June 2021

POLITICAL AGREEMENT WITH THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ON THE PROPOSED DIRECTIVE ON THE DISCLOSURE OF INCOME TAX INFORMATION BY CERTAIN UNDERTAKINGS AND BRANCHES _____________________________________ On 1 June 2021, the Council of the European Union (the “Council”) reached a political agreement with the European Parliament on the proposed directive on the disclosure of income tax information by certain undertakings and branches, commonly referred to as the public country-by-count

Tips for Planning Charitable Giving
Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, June 2021

Charitable giving is a way for businesses and individuals to save on taxes while supporting the causes that align with their values. At Schwabe, we can help clients to plan charitable gifts and make sure that their charitable giving works holistically with the plan they have created for the distribution of their entire estate. This article will cover common questions associated with charitable giving...

First Draw PPP Loans $2 Million and Up and the PPP Necessity Questionnaires (Updated 06/02/2021)
Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, June 2021

Starting around October 26, 2020, the Small Business Administrations (the “SBA”) asked Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) lenders to provide certain questionnaires to PPP borrowers with loans of $2 million or greater. There are two questionnaire forms on the Treasury: Form 3509 for for-profit borrowers and Form 3510 for non-profit borrowers...

First Draw PPP Loans $2 Million and Up and the PPP Necessity Questionnaires (Updated 06/02/2021)
Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, June 2021

Starting around October 26, 2020, the Small Business Administrations (the “SBA”) asked Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) lenders to provide certain questionnaires to PPP borrowers with loans of $2 million or greater. There are two questionnaire forms on the Treasury: Form 3509 for for-profit borrowers and Form 3510 for non-profit borrowers...

Thailand Makes Changes to Penalty Interest Rates Charged on Loan Repayments that go Into Default
DFDL, June 2021

On 10 April 2021, the Thai Government announced an Emergency Decree Amending the Civil and Commercial Code 2021 (“CCC”) that was published in the Royal Gazette (the “Emergency Decree”) and became effective the next day on 11 April 2021...

Batteries and Electrical and Electronic Devices: The Ministry of the Environment Initiates the Process of Drafting the Supreme Decree that will Set Forth…
Carey, June 2021

On May 28, 2021, Exempt Resolution No. 310, dated April 16, 2021 of the Ministry of the Environment was published in the Official Gazette. By means of such resolution, the Ministry of the Environment initiates the process of drafting the Supreme Decree that will set forth collection and recovery goals and other related obligations for batteries and electrical and electronic devices. Regulated priority products: "Batteries" and "Electrical and Electronic devices"...

Challenges to Adjudicators’ Jurisdiction: Serial Adjudications
Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, June 2021

An adjudicator’s jurisdiction is central to their ability to determine a dispute between two parties; without it, their decision will be invalid and unenforceable by a court. Conversely, if an adjudicator has jurisdiction, then, as the Court of Appeal has repeatedly emphasised, that adjudicator’s decision must be enforced, even if it results from errors of procedure, fact or law...

Challenges to Adjudicators’ Jurisdiction: Multiple Disputes Across Multiple Contracts
Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, June 2021

It is a well-established rule of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (the ‘Act’) that an adjudicator will only have jurisdiction to determine one dispute under a construction contract at any one time, unless their jurisdiction has been extended by consent of the parties...

Real Time Newsletter - June 1, 2021
Brigard Urrutia, June 2021

New measures for state contracting for economic reactivation. Through Decree 579 of 2021, issued on May 31 by the National Planning Department, certain transitory paragraphs enshrined in Decree 1082 of 2015 or the sole Regulatory Decree of the Administrative Planning Sector, were replaced in matters of state contracting...



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