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Clarke Gittens Farmer | July 2013

The Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) which was established on April 1, 2011 under the Financial Services Commission Act, 2010-21 (the “Act”) has been mandated to, amongst other things, supervise and regulate the operations of the financial services sector other than the banking services ...

Clarke Gittens Farmer | July 2013

Introduction:The Consumer Protection Act, Cap. 326D (‘the Act’) aims at protecting consumer rights by, among other things, prohibiting and penalizing the use of unfair contract terms by suppliers of services. The Act is administered and enforced by the Fair Trading Commission (‘the FTC’). This article summarises the effect of the Act on how service providers can legally contract with their customers. This article does not focus on suppliers of goods ...

Clarke Gittens Farmer | April 2020

In December 2019, health officials in Wuhan, China informed the World Health Organization ("WHO") of a strain of "pneumonia" affecting members of its population.1 This "pneumonia" was later identified as a severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 ("COVID-19"). On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic ...