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ENSafrica | July 2009

On the 1st June 2009, the major parts of the Insolvency Act 2009 (“the Act”) came into operation. The Act has completely revamped the insolvency regime in Mauritius and new provisions now govern “voidable transactions” following a company liquidation. The “ordinary course of business” test, which was prevailing under the former regime, has now been abandoned and replaced by what is known as the “running account principle” ...

ENSafrica | August 2009

The “statutory demand procedure” is designed to provide a fast-track method of proceeding to the winding up of a company. It creates a presumption of insolvency. The Statutory Demand is still a basis to issue a winding petition on the ground of “inability to pay debts” as was the case under the 1984 Companies Act ...

ENSafrica | November 2011

November 8, 2011- The Minister of Finance and Economic Development delivered his Budget Speech on the 4th of November 2011. The Budget aims at providing for innovative measures to support key economic sectors (such as ICT/BPO, Tourism, Financial Sector...) and new markets (renewable energies...). The Budget also provides for a National Resilience Plan to support the economy in a global economic downturn ...

ENSafrica | April 2012

Over the years, Mauritius has proved to be a reputable and internationally recognised, competitive and dedicated global financial centre that attracts investors not only for its tax incentives and its numerous and advantageous OECD model double tax treaties ...