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WSG Expert Talks On Demand: Ransomware Goes Corporate - A First-Hand Account
World Services Group, December 2020

Ransomware Goes Corporate - A First-Hand Account   An Interview With.... Sandra Elvin, National Security Office for Microsoft Sweden Jon Åsberg, Editor-in-Chief at Fokus, Sweden’s leading weekly news and current affairs magazine Faced with a range of obstacles, business leaders were already dealing with rising challenges to their risk and approach to cybersecurity; and then, along came Covid-19...

Law Firm Networks Compete with the Biggest Players
World Services Group, March 2019

Legal networks allow independent firms to act as a unified group for better client service.  Lawyer Sasha Stepanova was working just hours before Christmas to close a deal for a corporate client when a situation arose where she urgently needed a Dutch lawyer to review a new document. There was no time to spare. As a member of the World Services Group (WSG) law firm network, she called WSG member Johan Boeren directly in the Netherlands...

JP Morgan Goes Crypto, Argo Blockchain Exits
World Services Group, February 2019

When a scion of the investment banking world gets into crypto it is probably worth taking notice. JP Morgan Chase, America's largest bank, has just grabbed everyone's attention with the launch of its very own cryptocurrency, the JPM Coin. JP Morgan intends the internally developed crypto asset to be used in its wholesale payment system, which currently sees daily volumes in the region of $6 trillion...

The Compliance Challenges of Cross-Border Deals
World Services Group, June 2018

The business world continues to be a multinational place, with marketplaces and supply chains that cut across national borders. Global expansion efforts have also spawned a growing desire for cross-border deal making. These mergers and acquisitions, however, are easily complicated by language and cultural differences, in addition to local politics and regulatory regimes...

U.S. Supreme Court Says “Enough, Already” - Nike’s Broad Covenant Not to Sue Mooted Its Competitor’s Cancellation Counterclaim
World Services Group, February 2013

Sometimes, litigants are forced to reevaluate their strategy mid-course. Occasionally, a plaintiff in a pending trademark infringement action faces a cancellation counterclaim that poses a real threat to the plaintiff’s trademark. In that situation, to avoid the risk of cancellation or a declaration of invalidity, the plaintiff may want to voluntarily dismiss its claim and grant a covenant not to sue to the alleged infringer...

Equality Tribunal Awards €52,000 for Gender Discrimination and Victimisation
World Services Group, February 2013

The Equality Tribunal (the Tribunal) has directed that an employer pay €52,000.00 in compensation to a former employee after it held that she had been discriminated against on the grounds of gender and victimised1. The Tribunal awarded €26,000 in respect of the discrimination and €26,000 in respect of the victimisation. The award is equivalent to one year's salary.  The claimant was employed as a business development manager for a branch of the business...

SEC Requires Tax Identification Number for Foreign Investors
World Services Group, February 2013

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued Memorandum Circular No. 1, s. 2013 dated 7 January 2013, requiring the incorporation of the tax identification number (TIN) of foreign investors in all forms papers and documents filed with the SEC...

Proposals for Expanding Positions Reserved for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)
World Services Group, February 2013

Pending consideration by Congress is Senate Bill No. 3371 which seeks to amend Section 5 of Republic Act No. 7277, as amended, otherwise known as the “Magna Carta for Persons With Disability”. A counterpart measure in the House of Representatives is House Bill No. 5475.  Senate Bill No. 3371 proposes that Section 5 of Republic Act No. 7277 be amended to read as follows:     “Sec. 5. Equal Opportunity for Employment...

Alien Social Integration Act of 2010
World Services Group, February 2013

Pending consideration by the Congress is House Bill No. 3591, otherwise known as the “Alien Social Integration Act of 2010”, which aims to grant legal residency status to certain aliens in the Philippines under certain conditions. The proposed legislation covers all aliens whose stay in the Philippines is otherwise illegal under existing laws, and who have entered the country prior to 30 June 2000, excluding those who already availed in good faith the benefits of Executive Order No...



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