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COVID-19 in Latvia: FAQs by Taxpayers
COBALT, June 2020

Does the State plan to keep special support measures in the field of taxation for taxpayers after the end of emergency situation? Yes, on 10 June 2020 the Law on Overcoming the Consequences of the Spread of Covid-19 Infection came into force, by which, inter alia, the following measures are maintained...

COVID-19 in Estonia: The Coronavirus in Employment Relations and Taxes - March 20 Update
COBALT, April 2020

In March, the Estonian Government decided to implement first steps to help the employers in order to avoid lay-offs and introduced also few other reliefs to support the companies. Below you can find summaries of these measures. Relief measures for employers Compensation of salary The Estonian Government approved the relief measures for the employees subject to salary cut...

COVID-19 in the Baltics: What State Measures are Available or are Being Planned for Your Company in Each of the Baltic States?
COBALT, April 2020

On the 17thof March, we gave an overview on the options available for the governments in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to support companies being harmed by the COVID-19 crisis. At that time we noted that companies should work with the government in order to ensure that the measures taken truly help the companies survive the crisis...

COVID-19 in the Baltics and Belarus: FAQs by employers
COBALT, April 2020

1. What measures can be implemented by employers in relation to employees who have returned from the territories affected by the virus? Estonia Save for limited exceptions that apply to diplomats, health care employees and a few other categories, persons who have entered in Estonia on March 17, 2020 or later are required to stay in their place of residence for 14 days after crossing the Estonian border under the order of the Government of the Republic...

COVID-19 in Estonia: The Coronavirus in Employment Relations & Taxes - April Update
COBALT, April 2020

It has now been announced that from Monday, 6 April 2020 employers will be able to apply for compensation payment from the state budget for March. The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund has explained by now the technical aspects of filing applications and responded to the more frequent questions asked by employers about applying for compensation. Below you will find a brief overview of how to apply for compensation as well as some practical explanations and suggestions...

CEELM COVID-19 Comparative Legal Guide: Contracts in Estonia
COBALT, March 2020

How might businesses in your jurisdiction be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic? The Government of Estonia declared an emergency situation on March 12th due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic and the threat of mass infections. The government has decided to ban public gatherings and implement distance learning at schools, implemented sanitary controls at the border, and closed cultural and entertainment institutions until the 1st of May...

COVID-19 in Estonia: Does the Employer Have the Right to Ask the Employee for Health Information Regarding COVID-19 Infection?
COBALT, March 2020

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate its effects, on 12 March 2020, the Government of the Republic of Estonia declared an emergency situation until 1 May 2020 and the Health Board recommends avoiding human contact. In this situation, implementing effective safety measures at the workplace often requires asking additional personal data, including health data from the employees...

COVID-19 in the Baltics: State Aid – How Can the State Help Companies Affected by COVID-19?
COBALT, March 2020

The Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian governments have indicated their support for the companies in the form of tax relief and liquidity support. As of 17.03.2020, the initial measures in Estonia and Latvia are expected within this week. Companies with business in Lithuania can already benefit from tax relief, with a draft law on liquidity support expected within 48 hours. Due to the exceptional circumstances created by COVID-19, many companies have had to restructure their operations...

COVID-19 in the Baltics: FAQ on Banking & Finance Law Issues Due to COVID-19 Outbreak
COBALT, March 2020


COVID-19 in Estonia: Effect of Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic on M&A Transactions
COBALT, March 2020

In terms of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, there has been quite a lot of talk aboutforce majeureand the resulting non-performance of one’s contractual obligations. In addition toforce majeure, contract law recognises also the concept of alteration of the balance of contractual obligations (§ 97 of the Law of Obligations Act)...

COVID-19 in Estonia: The Coronavirus in Employment Relations
COBALT, March 2020

On 12March 2020, the Government of the Republic of Estonia declared an emergency situation until 1May 2020. No emergency situation has ever been declared in Estonia before...

Back to School with Data
COBALT, September 2019

One of the latest and widely discussed GDPR fines in the amount of approximately EUR 20,000 was imposed in Sweden for face recognition in schools. The municipality tried using the new technology to make monitoring the attendance of schools easier. Nevertheless, it failed to ensure a legal basis and proper impact assessment for such data processing...

Belarus is About to Become a Major Crypto Hub
COBALT, April 2018

“Belarus will become the first government in the world that opens wide opportunities for the use of blockchain technology”, said in a statement on the official website of the President of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko, who signed the new law of the land, believes that his county “has every chance of becoming a regional center in this area.” The Presidential Decree of the Republic of Belarus No...

GDPR For Startups - A Cure, Or The End?
COBALT, February 2018

Since not only individual people, but also the overall project, are being present­ed, online presentation can be divided into two main parts. First is the management of personal social media. Avoid any dis­respectful or offensive discourse, as well as any ambiguous posts and photos. Or as a minimum , do not display them publicly. Secondly, visual communication is ab­solutely crucial to protect the name of a reliable project...

When is it justified to provide management or consultation services through companies?
COBALT, December 2015

In a situation where a taxpayer could choose between two transactions, the law does not require the taxpayer to choose a transaction which would bring along the largest amount of payable taxes. Taxpayers have the right to organise their activities in a manner which would entail the smallest possible tax burden and the state cannot reproach them for it. The only issue can be about distinguishing the permitted solutions of tax optimisation from obtaining dishonest tax concessions...

Doing Business in the Baltics
COBALT, May 2013

Dear Reader, We have the pleasure to present the new edition of Doing Business in the Baltics.  We hope that the information presented in this publication will provide businesses, investors  and their advisers a better understanding of the advantages that the Baltic States have to offer...



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