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Ellex Valiunas | October 2021

25 October, 2021 An annual independent survey of law firms Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review by the Swedish company Kantar has shown that, in the clients’ opinion, the law firm Ellex Valiunas in Lithuania enjoys a leading law firm’s position by both best legal performance and overall performance ...

Ellex Valiunas | February 2021

February marks the start of the second month after Brexit materializing. The Member States have finally understood that the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer in the Europen Union (EU) so that the  fairy-tale of the Single Market that has lasted for decades is now over. Although many businesses resolved various legal or regulatory issues before 1st January, new challenges inevitably keep arising now, when Brexit is a reality ...

Ellex Valiunas | March 2020

  Covid-19 (coronavirus) is already affecting business relationships in most parts of Europe. Starting February 26th The state of emergency announced by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania obliges businessmen, event organizers and other public figures to adjust even international long-term plans. Thus, the influence of coronavirus already manifests itself in supply chain disruptions, travel and import restrictions, event cancellations, and so on ...

Ellex Valiunas | November 2016

Although neither of the parties objects to solving the dispute in the state court, the Supreme Court of Lithuania sends the parties to arbitration after it discovers a prior written agreement to arbitrate. The issuer of a promissory note (Claimant) requested the state court to declare the promissory note null and void ...