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Haynes and Boone | May 2003

Capital Committed to VC Funds in the US ($) and Return Importance of Angel Investors • 80% of recent Inc. 500 bootstrapped initial capital using non-traditional source of funding1 • 5% raised initial capital from venture capital1 • 1996 - $30 billion angel funding $10 billion venture capital2 1. Angel Profile • Do’s for Entrepreneurs ...

Haynes and Boone | February 2003

We have identified various venture capital deal terms which have become more onerous as a result of the current state of the venture capital and technology industry. Understanding the impact of those terms is important to angels in structuring their initial investment as well as situations where they have made an investment and then solicit subsequent professional venture capital funding for the portfolio company ...

Haynes and Boone | January 2003

SEC Adopts New Rules Governing Disclosure of Non-GAAP Financial Measures and Amendments to Form 8-K Relating to Earnings Releases and Other Financial Disclosures

Haynes and Boone | December 2002

"This [provision of the Sarbanes Oxley Act] is about making sure those lawyers. . . don’t violate the law and, in fact, more importantly, ensure that the law is being followed." -- Senator John Edwards, July 10, 2002 On November 21, 2002, the SEC proposed a new Rule 205 entitled “Standards of Professional Conduct for Attorneys Appearing and Practicing Before the Commission in the Representation of an Issuer” (the “Standards”) ...

Haynes and Boone | October 2002

The Entrepreneurship Institute President's Forum This term sheet provides an example of a typical "Angel" round investment in preferred stock. It is not intended as specific legal advice or a final legal document and is provided for general educational purposes only ...

Haynes and Boone | June 2002

North Texas Global Telecommunications Society Fourth Annual Latin American Telecommunications Conference A Powerpoint presentation covering the following: Overview Chronology No General Rules (Reglamento) Issued, Only Rules for Specific Services Sector Statistics Recent Legal Developments E-Mexico Basics of Regulatory System Comparison of Current Mexican Telecommunications Law with Draft Bill Concessions Same Basic Regulation in Current Law and Draft