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Haynes and Boone | January 2002

Introduction One of the important legislative initiatives for the Fox Administration was a tax reform package that could improve tax collection, while reducing the government’s historic reliance on Pemex for its tax revenues (typically approximately one-third) ...

Haynes and Boone | January 2002

Excerpt I. INTRODUCTION A. Preliminary Considerations When a U.S. client seeks help in "doing business abroad," the first task of counsel is to ask the right questions. It is important to learn enough about the extent of the client's experience and goals for doing business abroad so that the best course of action can be determined ...

Haynes and Boone | January 2002

Resignation of Two Argentine Presidents. In late December 2001, Argentina saw the rare occurrence of the resignation of two Argentine Presidents. First, Fernando de la Rúa resigned after public protests to the administration’s economic policies resulted in civil unrest. Also resigning at the same time was his Minister of Economy Domingo Cavallo ...