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"False" Self-Employment and the Gig Economy - Where are We Now?
A&L Goodbody LLP, July 2018

The question of 'employment status', continues to concern many employers working within today's 'gig economy'. The UK Supreme Court recently provided guidance on the correct "label" to be bestowed on 'gig economy' workers. Pimlico Plumbers recently lost an appeal in the UK Courts against a finding that one of its plumbers was a "worker" for the purposes of relevant UK employment legislation – not a self-employed independent contractor...

Banking Case Law - Breach of Confidence by a Bank – A Closer Look at Quantum
A&L Goodbody LLP, July 2005

This English law decision not only serves as a timely reminder of a bank’s duty of confidentiality to its clients but is potentially worrying as the case confirms loss of opportunity to earn future profits as a recoverable head of damage following breach of confidence. Jackson v Royal Bank of Scotland (2005) UKHL3, [2005] A ER(d)280 Facts: Jackson (trading under the name Sampson Lancastrian (Sampson)) had entered into a contract to supply dog chews to another UK entity, Economy Bag...

Banking Case Law – Charges over book debts
A&L Goodbody LLP, October 2005

National Westminster Bank plc v Spectrum Plus Limited and Others [2005] UKHL 41 Overruling the 25-year old judgement in Siebe Gorman & Co. Limited v Barclays Bank Limited [1979 2 Lloyd’s LR142], the House of Lords has held that a charge over book debts where the chargor is free to draw on the account into which proceeds of such book debts are paid, creates a floating charge, rather than a fixed charge...

Banking Case Law - Duties and Obligations of a Bond Issue Trustee
A&L Goodbody LLP, July 2005

Concord Trust v Law Debenture (http://www.lawdeb.com/). Law Debenture House of Lords considered the obligations and liabilities of bond issue trustees in relation to notices of acceleration...

Banking Case Law - Whether “Investment Fund” Was a “Bank or Other Financial Institution”
A&L Goodbody LLP, July 2005

The English Commercial Court has held that an investment fund was a financial institution under a loan agreement which limited transfer of the loan to “a bank or other financial institution”. The ARGO Fund Ltd v Essar Steel Ltd [2005] EWHC 600 (Comm). Facts; Essar defaulted under its syndicated loan agreement . The loan agreement allowed the participating banks to transfer their rights and obligations to another “bank or other financial institution”...

Brexit – What Next for Your Pan-European Asset Management Business?
A&L Goodbody LLP, June 2016

Background The UK referendum held on 23 June 2016 has resulted in a majority voting in favour of the UK leaving the EU.  As of now the UK is still a part of the EU notwithstanding the vote on 23 June.  It is now up to the UK parliament to decide if, and if so when, to formally start the process to leave the EU.  The exit of a member state from the EU is dealt with in Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) which has only existed since 1 December 2009...

Brexit and Cross-Border Shopping: No Off the Shelf Brexit Solution in Store
A&L Goodbody LLP, January 2018

One of the many unresolved issues relating to Brexit is the issue of cross-border retailing. While there are certainly issues relating to online cross-border shopping (e.g., the imposition of VAT, additional charges for checks as well as delays caused by possible border/customs delays), there are certainly plenty of issues relating to cross-border bricks and mortar retailing as well. The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland ("NI") is a neat case study...

Brexit: EU Publishes a Draft Withdrawal Agreement
A&L Goodbody LLP, February 2018

Earlier this year the European Commission published a draft Withdrawal Brexit Agreement. It is a draft treaty to embody the key principles from the Joint Report of the Commission and the UK on the first three elements of the Brexit negotiations (i.e., People, Ireland and Money - the "PIM" Phase). The draft Agreement sets out a roadmap for the EU's vision of the withdrawal process.This is a negotiating move by the EU - it is not an agreed draft. It is a move by the EU in the Brexit chess match...

Briefing on State Aid
A&L Goodbody LLP, April 2005

What is State Aid? The State aid rules seek to control the aid or assistance which is provided by EU Member States to businesses. Article 87 of the EC Treaty states that “any aid granted by a Member State or through State resources in any form whatsoever” is incompatible with the common market. The Commission and the European Court of Justice have a considerable discretion in determining what amounts to State aid and have given the term a wide definition...

Bullying - Recent Bullying And Harassment Cases Before the High Court
A&L Goodbody LLP, May 2014

The High Court recently issued 2 important judgments on the topic of bullying in the workplace. In the first case the plaintiff was successful and in the second case the plaintiff's claim failed. In the case of Una Ruffley v. the Board of Management of St. Anne's School (May 2014) a special needs assistant was awarded the sum of €255,276 in compensation and loss of earnings as a result of bullying which she suffered in the work place...

Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015 – National Adaption Framework (12 May 2016)
A&L Goodbody LLP, May 2016

The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015 (the Act) was signed into law on 10 December 2015. The Act comprises of a framework designed to achieve a low carbon, climate resilient, and environmentally sustainable economy by 2050. The Act provides for two statutory plans which will guide policy in relation to greenhouse gas emission reduction and climate change adaption. The plans are: 1) National Mitigation Plan; and 2) National Adaption Framework (NAF)...

Companies (Amendment) Act 2012 becomes law
A&L Goodbody LLP, July 2012

The Companies (Amendment) Act 2012 has been signed into law by the President. The Act provides for the extension of the exemption for the use of US GAAP by US entities migrating to Ireland.   It amends the provisions of the Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009 (the 2009 Act), which first introduced the exemption, in two ways: The 2012 Act provides that the exemption may continue to be used for financial years up to and ending at the latest on 31 December 2020...

Companies (Auditing and Accounting) Act 2003 (Commencement) Order 2005, SI No. 686 of 2005
A&L Goodbody LLP, December 2005

Persons responsible for filing annual returns for the following types of companies should be aware of this commencement order: Most private unlimited companies; Private companies not trading for the acquisition of gain by the members; Companies not having a share capital which are formed for an object that is charitable and is under the control of a religion recognised under Article 44 of the Constitution; and Companies which are exempted from certain filing requirements by order of the Co

Company Case Law – Application to Stay Winding-Up Resolution
A&L Goodbody LLP, December 2005

In the Matter of James McMenamin Ltd. (in Voluntary Liquidation), High Court, Laffoy J, 18 April 2005 Facts: In this case, a company in liquidation suddenly found funds that were previously unavailable, in an amount that would allow it to trade successfully again. Therefore, one of the contributories of the company sought to have the liquidation halted so that the company could resume trading as normal. The company’s sole asset was a 26-acre plot of land...

Company Case Law - Disclosure – Buyers Knowledge – Reliance on Warranties 5 August 2005
A&L Goodbody LLP, August 2005

Infiniteland Limited v Artisan Contracting [2005] EWCA Civ 758 This English case highlights some vital principles to be considered when drafting share purchase agreements, carrying out and reviewing due diligence and disclosing against warranties...

Company Case Law - Section 150 Companies Act 1990 – Directors’ Restriction Orders – Whether Application Should be Struck Out on Grounds of Delay
A&L Goodbody LLP, July 2005

David Hughes v Seamus Duffy and Eugene Hanratty, 19 April 2005, High Court Facts: This case was taken under Section 150 of the Companies Act 1990, by the Official Liquidator of the Supreme Oil Company Limited. Section 150 provides for a prohibition or restriction of persons acting as company directors for a period of five years. The respondents sought to have the application dismissed or refused by reason of the delay in bringing the application...

Company Case Law - Section 390 Companies Act 1963 – Security for costs by company
A&L Goodbody LLP, August 2005

Hidden Ireland Heritage Holidays Ltd. (t/a The Hidden Ireland Association) v Indigo Services Ltd. and Colclough and Gardner, Supreme Court, 7th June 2005 Facts: The plaintiff’s business consisted of booking country homes for its members. The second defendant, Colcough, acted as secretary to the plaintiff from 1986 to 1996. The plaintiff’s principal claim was that the second defendant diverted business to his own competing business with the assistance of the first defendant, Indigo Services...

Company Case Law- Disqualification of Directors – Directors Unfit to be Concerned in the Management of a Company
A&L Goodbody LLP, October 2005

Secretary of State for Trade and Industry v (i) Christopher McKinley Swan (ii) Vuchuru Sadhana Reddy (iii) Brian Christopher Ritchie (iv) Brian Samuel North (v) Ian Stewart, [2005] EWHC603(CH) In this English decision the High Court held that the directors of the parent company should have known that its subsidiary companies had been involved in cheque kiting (a process designed to generate fictitious funds through the transfer of cheques between the bank account of two groups of companies) a

Company Law – Reduction in Share Capital – Whether Company Entitled to Cancel Preference Shares
A&L Goodbody LLP, November 2005

Re Hunting plc [2004] EWCH 2591 (Ch) Facts: The company’s issued share capital consisted of ordinary shares and convertible preference shares. Under the company’s Articles of Association, the preference shareholders were not entitled to attend at or vote at general meetings of the company, unless, among other things, a resolution was to be proposed at that meeting which modified any of the rights attaching to the preference shares...

Company Law – Security for Costs
A&L Goodbody LLP, November 2005

Rayan Restaurant Limited v Julies Company Restaurant Limited and others, High Court, 18 April 2005, reported at Firstlaw, reference FL10920 This case concerns an application for security for costs, which is an application made to court by a defendant. The defendant asks the court to order the plaintiff to lodge money into court, assurance that the plaintiff will be able to discharge at least some of its costs, if the defendant succeeds in the trial and is awarded its costs...

Company Law – Shareholder Voting Agreement – Agent Shareholder – Fiduciary Duty of Agent Shareholder
A&L Goodbody LLP, November 2005

Halton International Inc (Holding) SARL and another v Guernoy Limited [2005] EWHC 1968 In this case, the UK High Court held that where a voting agreement conferred absolute discretion on an agent shareholder as to how to raise finance for the company and vote the shares of the other shareholders, on a share issue to raise funding, the agent did not owe fiduciary duties to the other shareholders in relation to the selection of investors...

Company/Insolvency – Restriction of Directors
A&L Goodbody LLP, December 2005

In the Matter of Swanpool Ltd (in Voluntary Liquidation) and Travelodge Ltd (in Voluntary Liquidation) and in the Matter of Section 150 of the Companies Act 1990; McLaughlin v Lannen and Lannen, High Court, Clarke J, 4 November 2005 Facts: McLaughlin, the liquidator of Swanpool and Travelodge, sought a declaration that two directors of the companies be restricted (i.e. prohibited from acting as directors of companies for 5 years)...

Company/Insolvency Case Law– Insolvency Regulation 1346/2000 – jurisdiction issues – insolvency – insolvency regulation
A&L Goodbody LLP, October 2005

In the Matter of Flightlease Ireland Limited (In Voluntary Liquidation) and in the Matter of the Companies Acts 1963 to 2003 and in the Matter of an Application for Directions Pursuant to Section 280 of the Companies Act 1963, unreported High Court, 27 July 2005 Background: Flightlease Ireland Limited (Flightlease), a Swissair holding company, was declared insolvent, and an arrangement was put in place with Societe d’Explotiation OAM Air Liberte (Air Lib) whereby Air Lib’s holding company wou

Concerns Over Video Game Gambling Continue to Grow
A&L Goodbody LLP, November 2018

The Gambling Policy Division of the Irish Department of Justice has joined 14 other gambling regulators from around the globe in signing an International Declaration expressing concern about gambling in video games. The regulators presented a united front in addressing the "blurring of lines between gambling and other forms of digital entertainment". The increasing presence of gambling in the video gaming world has been raised as a growing concern...

Confidential Information - Taking Confidential Information With You - The Legal Issues
A&L Goodbody LLP, May 2014

The prolific growth in the use of social media has resulted in an increasing tension between employers and employees over social media account ownership. The crux of the issue is that employers are encouraging their employees to use social networking websites, whilst trying to claim that the contacts should remain confidential at the end of their employment...



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