January 3, 2019 - United States of America

The Healthcare Industry: A Look Back. A Look Ahead.

While buzzwords like consolidation and price transparency continue to dominate headlines, major players throughout the healthcare ecosystem are working tirelessly behind the scenes to deploy creative and complex service methods that leverage a smarter, more holistic approach to care. The goal? Control escalating costs and deliver tangible value to patients – all while maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

The challenges are many: navigating market consolidation, raising capital to invest in new technology and attracting and retaining top talent – all against a backdrop of an increasingly uncertain political and regulatory environment. But the reward – providing high-value care that engages patients – is arguably as great as it has ever been.

To answer the question of what the healthcare industry will look like in 10 years, it is just as critical to examine what will remain the same. These trends should be with us for a while:

• Understanding & bolstering a patient’s continuum of care

• Emphasizing value over volume

• Gathering & leveraging ever-increasing mounds of data to inform better decisions

As a majority of the population gets older and life expectancy increases, the need to innovate across technology, operations and policy fi elds becomes vital.

In the pages that follow, we draw on our nation-leading healthcare experience to highlight some of the key issues faced by the healthcare industry in 2018 as well as outline the myriad opportunities and challenges the industry will face in the years to come.


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