March 20, 2015 - Israel

The Family Factor - The Secret Ingredient in Developing Business Opportunities
  by GILAD TUFFIAS, [email protected]

“Families that play together, stay together”. That’s what my late grandfather always used to say. But what does his message have to do with developing business opportunities in a law firm? In my opinion, everything. Business development is about people. It’s about relationships. Not just momentary relationships, but committed relationships. Relationships one would most likely find in a family. 

What unites a family and makes it strong? Trust, common values and support. When you know there is always someone there that’s got your back, who will catch you when you fall, guide you patiently when you fail, and encourage you towards making your dreams come true. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? You would have the courage to be innovative, daring and creative. You wouldn’t be afraid to lose face. When you’re in a secure environment - you dare, and when you dare, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when you start to achieve amazing things. 

This, I believe, is precisely the type of environment you need to create in your law firm in order to engage minds and encourage vision, towards achieving your business development goals. A law firm is a people’s business. And all involved must be committed to the process of creating a secure environment and a supportive atmosphere. The partners, the associates, the administrative staff. The guard at the entrance to the building. Everyone, must be committed to the process. Which means that everyone, needs to feel that they are, truly, part of the process, part of the family. Since business development is the subject at hand, you might ask where the clients are in this process. The most obvious answer would be, that the clients are those corporations and individuals that your firm renders its services to. And that the entire process, is aimed towards giving them the highest level of service and professional advice that your firm has to offer. 

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