Gary Wolensky Quoted in Law360

June, 2020 - United States of America

"4 Takeaways From The Product Liability Litigation Report."

June 5, 2020

By: Emily Field

"Knowing whether or not a judge is familiar with product liability cases is important, since those cases involve state common laws and statutes that a judge with little experience with products cases must learn, according to Gary Wolensky, chair of Buchalter PC's product liability practice group

"That's important to me because if I am in federal court anywhere in the country and I have a big products case, I would feel more comfortable knowing that the judge has a good deal of experience in handling products cases," Wolensky said. "That's not to say that judges who have not handled them or do not handle them on a routine basis can't be a good, fair judge in a case. It's just a little bit easier to know that the judge you are in front of has handled these types of cases on a more regular basis."

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