Buchalter Successful in First Ever Arbitration Trial Via Zoom

September, 2020 - United States of America

Following a nine-day, first ever Zoom arbitration trial on a contractual fraud case relating to the sale of a business, Buchalter Shareholder Gabriel Green obtained a victorious Arbitrator’s Award in favor of Buchalter client Marc Haberman and his company, United Partners Limited, LLC.  After having purchased a tax resolution business for $2.5 million, Mr. Haberman discovered that the seller had failed to disclose the seller’s prior illegal operations with the business and further failed to disclose material incentive agreements with key employees that were negatively impacted with the sale transaction.  In his Award, the Arbitrator found that conclusive proof had been presented that the seller had committed fraud and that the purchase transaction should be rescinded.  Accordingly, the Arbitrator ordered the rescission of the underlying transaction, a return of all money Mr. Haberman paid in connection with his purchase, an award for the recovery of interest on the money paid to seller, and an award of attorneys’ fees.  Buchalter attorney Weiss Hamid assisted Mr. Green in securing that win.