ALRUD Law Firm

May, 2021 - Moscow, Russia

Webinar “Russian Data Localization Requirement: What is the Problem?”

<p><strong>On May 12</strong>, ALRUD Law Firm held a webinar <span data-color='#ff351b'>“Russian Data Localization Requirement: What is the Problem?”</span>.</p> <p>During the webinar experts from <strong>ALRUD</strong>, <strong>TietoEVRY</strong> (a leading cloud provider) and <strong>ICNX</strong> (a well-known digital marketing agency) discussed their practical experience of Russian data localization compliance. Specifically, the discussion covered the following topics:</p> <ul> <li><p>the scope of the <span data-color='#ff351b'>Russian data localization requirement</span> and practically applied exemptions;</p></li> <li><p>use of the <span data-color='#ff351b'>Russian cloud</span>, as a technical way to ensure Russian data localization compliance and related legal aspects;</p></li> <li><p>case study on <span data-color='#ff351b'>Russian data localization compliance</span> and liaising with the Russian data protection authority, in this regard.</p></li> </ul> <p>The webinar was opened by <a href="" title="Maria Ostashenko">Maria Ostashenko</a>, ALRUD Partner and Head of Data Protection and Cybersecurity practice. The speakers were <a href="" title="Dmitry Simbirtsev">Dmitry Simbirtsev</a>, Senior Attorney of ALRUD Data Protection and Cybersecurity practice, <span data-color='#ff351b'>Alyona Adamenko</span>, Head of Business Development, ICNX and <span data-color='#ff351b'>Anton Zubkov</span>, Head of Cloud & Infra, TietoEVRY.</p>