Vassily Rudomino has become a member of the Ethics and Standards Committee of the Russian Federal Bar Association (RFBA)

April, 2021 - Moscow, Russia

<p>In 2021 a new composition of tthe Bar, in the RFBA Ethics and Standards Committee was approved. <a href="" title="Vassily Rudomino">Vassily Rudomino</a>, ALRUD Senior Partner and advocate, has become a new member of the Committee. The Committee is established for a four-year period and is composed of 16 members.</p> <p>The Ethics and Standards Committee is a collegiate body of the Russian Federal Bar Association. It develops standards of professional legal advice and other standards of advocacy activity. Also, it provides clarifications for all Bar Chambers and advocates, on the application of the Code of Professional Ethics of Lawyers. Further, it exercises other powers, in accordance with the Code and Regulations of the Committee.</p>