Webinar “Data Protection in 2021: What Has Changed and What to Expect Next?”

March, 2021 - Moscow, Russia

<p><strong>On March 24</strong>, ALRUD Law Firm held a webinar <span data-color='#ff351b'>“Data Protection in 2021: What Has Changed and What to Expect Next?”</span>.</p> <p>During the webinar ALRUD data protection and cybersecurity team discussed the results of 2020 along with the first months of 2021 in the area of personal data protection and privacy.</p> <p>Among other topics, the speakers discussed the following:</p> <ul> <li><p>The most pressing <strong>risks associated with the processing of personal data</strong> as well as the positions of the regulator.</p></li> <li><p><strong>Increased penalties</strong> for violations of the personal data laws and measures aimed at minimization of the associated risks.</p></li> <li><p>Changing approaches to the processing of <strong>publicly available data</strong> in legislation and law enforcement practice.</p></li> </ul> <p>The webinar was opened by <a href="https://www.alrud.com/people/MariaOstashenko" title="Maria Ostashenko">Maria Ostashenko</a>, ALRUD Partner and Head of Data Protection and Cybersecurity practice. The speakers were <span data-color='#ff351b'>Anastasia Petrova</span>, Of Counsel, <span data-color='#ff351b'>Dmitry Simbirtsev</span>, Senior Attorney and <span data-color='#ff351b'>Boris Pokrovskiy</span>, Attorney.</p>