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September, 2021 - Moscow, Russia

Anton Karpenko has Prepared an Article for the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance

Anton Karpenko, ALRUD attorney, wrote an article for the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance blog. The article is devoted to the theme of Landing of the International IT Companies in Russia.

In recent years, Russian State authorities have been greatly concerned about the efficiency of enforcement measures, imposed on foreign companies which have no legal presence in Russia. In practice, the only available measure was blockage of the company’s web resources. This is rather difficult from a procedural perspective, while other penalties, like fines, were often ignored by non-Russian entities (although some of them do pay administrative penalties). Due to this, in the summer, Russian lawmakers adopted a new Landing Law to force IT companies to localize their business in Russia.

Anton reviewed the law in details and highlighted its specifics.

The full text is available here.

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